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Will the CSD now become virtual because of Corona?


Because of Corona: the CSD goes virtual The events around the famous Christopher Street Day (as is well known) also fell victim to the Corona virus, of course. It would have been too dangerous if the streets had been paved by a colourful celebration and demonstration community. However, fans of the special hustle and bustle need not be sad. According to various media reports, the... weiterlesen

When will Cologne Pride and CSD Cologne take place again in 2020?

Cologne Pride

Cologne Pride and CSD are postponed to autumn - and now? With the decision of the federal government to cancel major events until 31 August due to the corona virus, Cologne Pride and CSD are now also a thing of the past... only for the time being, of course! Because: if you take a look at the organisers' pages, you will quickly realise that an alternative date has already been set.... weiterlesen

Event tips for the upcoming summer events

Helpful event tips for the gay festival summer 09 April 2020 10:31 The festival summer is approaching - despite Corona still - with big steps. Big festivals, such as Rock am Ring, Wacken and Co. have not yet (?) been cancelled. That's why it's important to be a little optimistic right now and look forward to excessive dancing, Flirt and... weiterlesen

Will the Schlagermove 2020 take place at all?

The Schlagermove - great flirting opportunities for gays? According to the current situation, the chances are not bad that the Schlagermove will take place in Hamburg/ Sankt Pauli. After all, the event has been scheduled for 03 and 04 July 2020. Let's hope that the restrictions currently in place in connection with Corona can be lifted by then.... weiterlesen

Will Christopher Street Day still take place in 2020?

CSD 2020 in danger due to Corona? When thinking about the upcoming Christopher Street Day, some gays are currently looking at the calendar with slight worry lines. After numerous major events have already been cancelled, the question naturally arises: will the CSD events in Germany take place at all in 2020? After all, the CSD Potsdam has been scheduled for 09 May 2020.... weiterlesen