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Cologne Pride and CSD are postponed until autumn - and now?

Cologne Pride

With the decision of the federal government to cancel major events by 31 August due to the coronavirus, Cologne now also includes Pride and CSD are a thing of the past... only for the time being, of course! Because: if you take a look at the organisers' pages, you will quickly realise that an alternative date has already been set.

The events are now scheduled to take place in autumn, from 09 to 11 October to be precise. However, this does not mean that the Gay Scene would have to bury their heads in the sand. After all, Cologne Pride and CSD do not live on a fixed date, but to a certain extent also on the ability (and the will) of people to get involved in something new.

Originally, the events in Cologne were dated between 03 and 05 July.

The motto: "For human rights - Many. Together. Strong!"

Especially with regard to a motto that is certainly more topical than ever in this day and age, it would have been a shame to completely cancel the CSD in Cologne from the outset. Now, with the new date, gays from all over the world still have the chance to look forward to the event and prepare accordingly.

And yet: no one can give a guarantee that the CSD or Cologne Pride will take place at the new time. It is still important to keep an eye on the current developments around the Corona Virus.

For the safety of participants and visitors...

... moving it to the autumn - apart from the decision of the Bundestag - was certainly the right decision anyway.

Event tips for the upcoming summer events

After all, the probably best-known event of the gay scene is an event that has already attracted about a million people from all over the world in recent years. At a time when concerts, festivals and football matches are being banned, the postponement of the CSD was a logical step... and certainly in everyone's interest.

Spacing regulations would have been impossible to implement here. Accordingly, the news that Cologne Pride and the CSD would be pushed into autumn was received positively by most gays. And who knows? Perhaps many artists will then be able to celebrate their very personal "revival after the crisis" for the first time again at the CSD in mid-October?

What would have been the alternative?

Even the most passionate CSD supporter might find it difficult to find a real Alternative to the classic model, the demonstration in the streets of Cologne. The flair surrounding the floats and the foot groups is too intoxicating to be transmitted via online events, for example.

It takes the masses and the joy of life to underline what the CSD and its message are all about. After all, the event has so far shown every year anew the incredible diversity of the LGBTQ Scene.

In summary: The CSD needs exactly the cohesion and planning it is experiencing. Now it is important to remain optimistic, to focus on the common goal and - in the end - to be consistent. The contact ban will not last forever... All the better if the streets of Cologne can shine in all colours again this year.

The foundation for a happy, successful and healthy CSD can (and should) be laid now.

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