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Gay contacts in Berlin: These are the top addresses for gays get to know

Berlin is not only the capital of our country, but is also considered a world city of culture, science, media and politics. With its approximately 3.6 million inhabitants on an area of 892 km², it is the size city Germany and the most populous city in all of Europe. The city's most important landmarks include the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, Museum Island and the Holocaust Memorial. In addition to these absolutely must-see landmarks, however, Berlin has much more to offer, such as a very distinctive Gay scene.

Gay dating in Berlin

Why is Berlin so exciting for gays?

Berlin has been considered one of the most important cities for gays since the beginning of the 20th century (apart from the National Socialist era, of course). As a result, Berlin has become a hotspot for gay sex tourism that is known all over the world. As a result, you can meet gay men of all kinds in this city. Whether you're looking for a summer romance, a long-term relationship or just a quick hook-up, Berlin is the place to be. Fuck Berlin offers the right experience for every gay.

Are you wondering where you can find new contacts & love affairs as a gay man in Berlin? Besides the possibility of contacting us via our Gay chat we have listed some hotspots for you on this page where you can meet lots of other gays. Of course, these locations are also perfect for a first date with someone you met through our gay chat.

Gay bars in Berlin

In Berlin there are numerous bars for gays, lesbians, transgenders & the entire LGBTQ+ Community. In the following we have put together a selection of gay bars that we think are particularly good. The order does not represent a rating.

Berlin Gay Meeting No. 1 : Saint Jean Bar

Address: Steinstraße 21 in the Berlin-Mitte district

The Saint Jean Bar is a popular scene bar. The gay bar is always well frequented and offers a lot of variety thanks to the mixed crowd (age often between 20 and 40). We especially remembered the restrained but nevertheless unusual interior design of the basement bar. Perhaps only the light is a little too dark.

The cosmopolitan French-run gay bar is a great place to go if you're looking for a place to unwind, drink and meet new people. Thanks to the good drinks, the cool people and the nice music, you're guaranteed not to get bored. For drinks, we recommend the Moscow Mule - but the gin selection is not to be scoffed at either.

Roses Bar: the No. 2 of the Berlin gay meeting places

Address: Oranienstraße 187 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin

From the outside, Roses Bar with its black and yellow tiles is rather inconspicuous. But as soon as you set foot in this legendary Berlin gay bar, you'll feel like you're in Villa Kunterbunt. If you like it bright, kitschy and pink, then this is the place for you. The with pink Plush walls and the entire interior design is in stark contrast to the Saint Jean Bar. But the concept of this gay bar seems to work, because at Roses you are usually never alone and can party until the sun comes up.

Even though Roses has long been considered a gay meeting place, the audience has changed a lot in recent years. The Berlin gay scene gathers here less and less often. On the other hand, more and more gay tourists from all over the world are coming to this small but nice pub. If you prefer a multicultural crowd, you should definitely come here.

Berlin Gaytreff No. 3 : Capture

Address: Wühlischstrasse 32 in the district of Friedrichshain

Even for a stronghold of the gay scene, this bar is something very special. Because Capture is the first German-Turkish gay bar in the city - and that is not an everyday occurrence even for Berlin. However, this gay bar is not only convincing because of this cultural background. Super friendly staff, an appealingly designed interior and fair prices make Capture a popular place to go for gays from all over Berlin. If you are visiting the city, this gay bar should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

Berlin Gay Meeting No. 4 : Heile Welt Bar

Address: Motzstraße 5 in the Schöneberg district

The Heile Welt Bar offers an unconstrained atmosphere that is ideal for the Flirt is suitable. Thanks to the friendly staff, the tasty cocktails with high alcohol content and the appealing as well as stylish interior, it is easy to relax here all evening. Thanks to its central location, the Gay Bar is also a good place to meet up after a few drinks in
move on to a club - or back home if you've had someone tow you (or been towed).

Gay meeting no. 5 : The Coven

Address: Kleine Präsidentenstraße 3 in the Mitte district

The The Coven is another gay bar in Berlin-Mitte and is characterised by a noble style of furnishing. Thanks to the dark and masculine colours, you can feel right at home here as a gay man and flirt and party in a relaxed atmosphere.

Berlin Gay Meeting No. 6 : Betty F

Address: Mulackstrasse 13 in the Mitte district

Betty F is also located in Berlin-Mitte. The bar's clientele is a colourful mix and includes not only gay people, but everyone from the LGBTQ+ Scene - and especially at a late hour. This is the place to be for those who don't like to go clubbing at night. The Betty F owes its special charm not only to the excellent service but also to its deliberately trashy décor. Every gay man (but of course also lesbians, transgenders & co.) should have visited this trendy bar in Berlin at least once.

No. 7 : Furniture Olfe

Address: Reichenberger Straße 177 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin

Möbel Olfe describes itself more as a drinking hall than a bar and is definitely a rather alternative scene bar housed in a former furniture store. Not far from Kottbusser Tor, Möbel Olfe welcomes its visitors with open arms, friendly staff and an understated yet chic interior.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you can flirt, enjoy an after-work beer or chat with the different visitors from all over the world. Thanks to regularly changing events and many different DJs, no two evenings are the same. In the "Olfe", as the gay bar is affectionately called by those who know the scene, you can definitely expect an evening of humid and cheerful entertainment.

Berlin Gay Meeting No. 8 : Barbie Deinhoff's

Address: Schlesische Straße 16 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin

Barbie Deinhoff's tells you before you even enter where you're going in this pub. The pink neon sign above the door and the partially pink façade give you a good foretaste of what awaits you inside. Regularly changing DJs, erotic dances and exhibitions of young artists on the walls give Barbie Deinhoff's an unmistakable charm. This gay and of course lesbian bar offers you a pleasant evening to remember every day of the week.

More gay bars in Berlin

In addition to the excellent gay bars that we have presented to you above, there are of course many other hot spots that are definitely worth a visit:

  • Beer mood
  • Café 206
  • Club Amsterdam
  • Thirteen
  • Fuck 3000
  • FlipFlop

  • Tangible
  • Great Freedom 114
  • Port
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Joschi's Bar
  • Dude Nest 3000

  • Prinzknecht
  • Pussy Cat
  • Silent Don
  • SUX
  • Tom's
  • To the dirty hobby

The hottest meeting places: Gay saunas in Berlin

Although the gay scene is strongly represented in Berlin and gays from all over the world travel to Berlin to experience this scene, gay saunas are unfortunately extremely scarce in our capital. While there were 3 a few years ago, there is now only one sauna that explicitly caters to (gay) men - The Boiler.

The only gay sauna in Berlin: The boiler

Address: Mehringdamm 34 in the Kreuzberg district

A hot infusion, a sensual touch - and you right in the middle. The Boiler, located in the Bergmannkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg, is a well-known men's sauna. Spread over 1,500 m², spread over three floors, the Gaysauna with modern facilities, spacious sauna areas and fair prices. The staff is very friendly and cleans the entire facility regularly - cleanliness is an important issue here. The Boiler offers massages, courses (e.g. yoga), a Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a large warm bathing pool and, of course, numerous cabins where you can retreat.

Since the boiler is the only Gay sauna in Berlin, there's usually quite a lot going on here. The crowd varies from young hoppers to old hands. In the sauna you can not only sweat (in various ways), but also relax, have a drink or a bite to eat. Thanks to the wide range of offers, the Boiler is also suitable for a longer stay.

A tip: The steam sauna is the ideal contact surface for sexual experiences. But even though the sauna is definitely designed for gay guests, a hand pushed back or a "no" should of course be respected.

The Boiler should be high on the list of every gay person visiting Berlin!

What happened to the gay saunas in Berlin?

The fact that the Boiler is the only gay sauna in Berlin has nothing to do with a lack of visitors or a scene that is too small. But why is there only one gay sauna in Berlin?

The Apollo Sauna

One of the most famous gay saunas in Berlin besides the Boiler was the Apollo Sauna, later known as the Apollo Splash Club, which opened in 1981. For almost four decades, this gay sauna was a well-known institution in Berlin. Gays from all over the city and abroad gathered here to sweat, relax and, of course, fuck together.

For many, the Apollo was considered the equivalent of the big sex temples in New York City and San Francisco. However, while the gay saunas there have been Aids-After reunification, more and more saunas for gays opened - and slowly the Apollo's shine faded. After the turn of the millennium, the Apollo's reputation gradually deteriorated, although the sauna was still well frequented.

At the beginning of 2017, the once glorious Gay Sauna came to an end. Shortly after 10 pm on 5 February, visitors noticed a burning smell. Black smoke spread throughout the building from a fire in the basement. Due to what the Apollo was famous for, the labyrinthine layout of the sauna in the basement, extinguishing the fire was made extremely difficult. Three visitors to the gay sauna did not make it out of the building and died of smoke inhalation. As it became clear after an investigation that the Apollo has been in huge breach of fire safety regulations since 2009, no reopening of the gay sauna club has been allowed so far.

The Gate Sauna

The Gate Sauna opened in Berlin in 1994 and followed the model of the Apollo Sauna. The sauna was one of the most popular gay saunas in Berlin and was known for its pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The Gate Sauna was closed on 30 November 2016 after more than 20 years. The reason for this was the expiring rental contract, which was no longer extended by the landlords - a real estate company. Despite media-effective attempts by the operator and the employees of the sauna, no extension of the rental period could be obtained. The managing director at the time, Wolf Dietrich Kuppe, commented on the issue with the words "they simply don't want us there any more".

The greenhouse sauna

The Treibhaus sauna was also one of the most popular gay saunas in Berlin. It opened in 1993 and was located in the Prenzlauer Berg district. Just like the Gate Sauna, an expiring lease was the executioner for the Treibhaus Sauna. The building in which the Treibhaus sauna was rented changed hands during the current contract. The new landlord had no interest in continuing to host a gay sauna in his property. As a result, the Treibhaus sauna had to close down for good in 2013.

He is looking for him: Cruising in Berlin

Gay Outdoor Experiences are among the most exciting adventures you can have in Berlin. Thanks to the large and diverse gay scene in Berlin, you can, despite the ever more upcoming Apps and chats that you can use for dating, you can still meet many other gays. It's not just about sex itself, but also about the feeling of being watched - or, of course, watching others. Whether you're travelling by car or by bike, here are the most popular places to meet. Cruising places in Berlin:

Berlin Cruising Place No. 1: Arkenberge quarry pond

The Arkenberge Baggersee is located in Pankow-Buchholz and is a popular Gay Cruising Place with a more mature audience. Unfortunately, the lake is not suitable for swimming, but there are numerous retreats around it.

Berlin Cruising Place No. 2: Berlin Zoo at the Goldfish Pond

The Tiergarten in Berlin is a popular Outdoor sex Meeting place. As soon as dusk falls, the fun begins. Thanks to numerous bushes and other possibilities for hiding, you can have fun here with men of all ages without any problems. Since the zoo is also internationally known, you will find gays from all over the world here.

Berlin gay meeting place no. 3: Grunewald

Not far from the S-Bahn station of the same name lies the Grunewald, a popular and highly frequented Gay Cruising Area. Here you can almost always find someone for a bit of fun, young or old. Orientate yourself at the car park next to the tree nursery and just stroll into the forest.

Grunewald - Hunting 87 & 90

In the middle of the Grunewald there are two larger meadows, which are mainly used during the day by Nudists can be used for sunbathing. These places are also excellent for gay cruising.

Berlin Cruising Place No. 4: Hasenheide

The Hasenheide near the Tierpark Neukölln is especially popular with the younger crowd. Besides the good opportunities for nude sunbathing, it's easy to find someone here for relaxed cruising.

Place No. 5: Kaulsdorf Lakes - Habermannsee

This gay cruising place is becoming more and more popular with young and old. Thanks to many retreats, the place around these lakes is extremely suitable for meeting new contacts.

Berlin Cruising Square No. 6: Landscape Park Herzberge

The Landschaftspark-Herzberge is located at the former open-air swimming pool and is particularly appealing because of its quiet location. Here you can always meet other gays who enjoy this retreat in nature.

Park at the Bush Jug

During the day, most potential contacts can be found directly at the Rosengarten, opposite the underground station and at the entrance to Blaschkoallee. After dark, most gays can be found on the hill at the corner of Buschkrugallee and Blaschkoallee and Teterower Straße.

Berlin Gay Cruising Place No. 8: Plänterwald

If you go left into the forest near the entrance to Spreepark, there are numerous bushes and other opportunities in Plänterwald that are ideal for gay cruising. The spot is still relatively new, but is increasingly frequented by gays.

Seat #9: Prussia Park

There's always something going on in Preußenpark. During the day you can also make good contacts here, but it's usually only in the evening that things really get going. Here you can meet both national and international guys and men.

Gay Cruising No. 10: Victory Column Berlin Cruising Square

Directly at the Siegessäule, one of Berlin's landmarks, there is a perfectly suitable spot for gay cruising. Forest and toilet house, where you can meet other gays during the day and at night. The age varies and is mixed.

Berlin and gay history

In Berlin, as almost all over the world, gays have been persecuted, killed, imprisoned or expelled from the country since the Middle Ages. The first step towards improvement appeared in 1852, when the physician Johann Ludwig Casper published an essay according to which homosexuality was not a disease or a crime. Rather, gays are born with this sexual orientation and would therefore not be guilty. In 1869, the Berlin doctor Rudolf Virchow demanded that the law making homosexual acts a punishable offence be abolished. However, this demand had no effect. Even with the unification of the German Empire in 1871, the legal attitude towards homosexual men did not change and fornication between men remained prohibited.

First progress and bitter setbacks for gays and lesbians

Towards the end of the 19th century, on 15 May 1897 to be precise, the doctor and sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, the first ever documented homosexual movement. By 1905, the organisation's membership had grown from the three founding members to over 400 people. The main aim of the committee was the abolition of the
law against gays. And although the law was not abolished, a thriving gay scene nevertheless developed in Berlin at the beginning of the 20th century, attracting visitors from all over the world. This development continued until 1933. However, this development came to an abrupt end when the National Socialists seized power on 3 March. Homosexuals were persecuted, imprisoned and murdered.

After the end of the Second World War and the proclamation of democracy, everything should have changed for gays and lesbians. Nevertheless, it took until 1969 in West Germany before the law against homosexuals was defused. And it was not until 1994 that the anti-gay law was completely abolished. After the defusing in 1969, however, the gay scene in Berlin quickly began to develop and spread. Numerous pubs, bars and saunas were opened exclusively for homosexuals. This period was the impetus for the modern gay and lesbian movement as we know it today in Germany.

Christopher Street Day in Berlin

Bare skin, lots of varnish and Leather, flashy wigs and feather boas: The Christopher Street Day parade in Berlin is not only one of the biggest street parades in the city, but also in all of Europe. For the first time the CSD took place in Berlin on 30 June 1979. In the first 10 years, participation in the CSD was rather weak. Since 1990, however, the number of participants has been rising steadily. In 2000, 500,000 people took part in Christopher Street Day for the first time. The Berlin CSD attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Politicians also participate in the CSD and sometimes drive their own floats in the parade. This clear sign from politics for acceptance and tolerance is an important signal to the population.

In 2019, the Berlin Christopher Street Day a remarkable record: for the first time, more than one million people took part in the street parade. The CSD is no longer just about the rights of gays, lesbians, transgenders & co. but also has something political about it. With posters such as "No sex with Nazis" and the like, the participants of the CSD set a sign for equal rights for all religions and groups.

Berlin's first gay mayor

In 2001 there was a strong jolt through German politics. Klaus Wowereit ran for mayor of Berlin and openly admitted his homosexuality even before running for office. He became known above all for the exclamation "Ich bin gay - and that's a good thing!".