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The colour pink is always associated with gays, especially by many straight people. However, this is a classic prejudice.

"He's wearing pink?! He must be gay That's how the classic prejudices that are always associated with the colour pink or with gay men sound. Of course, not all men who wear pink are gay. Nor is pink the absolute favourite colour of all gays.

Pink appears feminine and has therefore been associated with gay men for a very long time. However, anyone who walks through the city with an attentive eye will quickly notice that definitely not all gay men are pink angle wear. On the contrary! Many gays rather love to present themselves in a particularly masculine way.

In the past, prejudice and discrimination have (unfortunately) led to fewer and fewer straight people daring to wear pink at all. What a pity! Yet it is a beautiful colour that can underline the individual type in a special way.

A slightly more upbeat version of pink, the Pink, plays for the Gay Scene also play a special role in many respects. For example, there are many gay and sex parties that quite consciously play with this prejudice and accordingly deliberately and purposefully rely on pink and especially pink decorations.

In short: of course there are gay men who like pink shirts, accessories etc.. However, there are also corresponding preferences among straight men. A generalising "He likes pink! He's gay!" is therefore not only inappropriate, but in a way also full of prejudice and thus discriminatory.