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AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease spreads


This well-known abbreviation stands for "Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome". This term is used to describe a specific combination of symptoms that occur in humans as a result of the destruction of the immune system induced by infection with the HIV virus.

Especially in the 1980s, both the medical and media worlds were shaken by corresponding reports about the disease. Among other things, more and more artists from the most diverse fields confessed to being HIV-positive.

Over time, people became correspondingly sensitive and questions such as "How can I avoid infection?" or "Who is "to blame"?" became more present than ever. The result: numerous condom campaigns that advocated a responsible approach to one's own sexuality and thus partly shaped an entire generation.

AIDS is transmitted primarily through unprotected sexual intercourse with infected persons or through the exchange of bodily fluids, for example blood or semen.

In today's world, the factor of sex education plays a particularly important role - for homosexuals as well as for heterosexuals. Contraception is already taught in sex education classes at school, STDs and HIV in particular.

A particularly controversial topic is the question of whether homosexuals are allowed to donate blood or not. Due to the fear of giving blood with the HIV virus, different countries have different guidelines here. For example, the law often stipulates that homosexuals must not have had sex for several weeks (sometimes even months) before giving their blood. However, as this is perceived by many as discriminatory, voices are growing louder for the law to be adapted accordingly.

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