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LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender or Transsexual.

Anyone who looks into the history of gays and lesbians quickly realises how multifaceted the world around same-sex love and everything that goes with it has become in the meantime.

In the course of time, it became clear that there is much more to love and sex than "just" homosexual and heterosexual. In order to ensure that all people really have the opportunity to have their rights and values heard, the LGBT movement developed. Scene.

However, as is well known, this has been expanded even more in recent years. The added "Q" is particularly striking in this context. This ensures that LGBT becomes a LGBTQ has become. In this case, "Q" stands for "queer" and - to put it simply - refers to things that do not conform to the norm.

Among other things, many members of the LGBT or LGBTQ community help to run awareness campaigns and support the hosting of Pride parades and similar events.

A special feature (and in a way also a sign of recognition) of the LGBT community is the rainbow. It is worn on clothing, flags and other accessories and helps people to recognise each other as supporters of the scene even without many words.

Due to the numerous changes that have taken place in this area in recent years, it is quite likely that more letters will be added to the basic form, the LGBT, in the future. A wonderful way to show how colourful the scene has become in the meantime and that it is in continuous development at the same time.