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Many gays have a preference for leather clothing in many different variations. From different designs to classic sex outfits, just about everything is represented here.

If you are looking for clothes in the sex shop that can stimulate your desire a little more, you will quickly come across leather. Whether in a mix with patent leather or in the classic suede variant, there are a number of possibilities that can ensure that sex becomes a little more varied.

But what is it that makes this material so fascinating? Perhaps it's the mix of look and feel that ensures that not only many BDSM Fans like to feel the leather on their skin.

However, it would also be wrong to associate leather exclusively with clothing. Because: there are now many sex toys that deliberately rely on this material. Particularly well-known and popular in this context are whips made of leather. They are offered in different variations and thus offer the possibility to experience sex (and everything that goes with it) sometimes hard and sometimes soft.

But what alternative is there for vegan BDSM lovers? Don't worry! Many manufacturers of sex clothing and toys now use artificial leather. This material - as long as it has been produced in a high quality - is not very different from the original and can also provide special feelings of pleasure.

Those who want to celebrate their love of leather in a special way can, among other things (and especially in big cities), also attend relevant parties. Here, an outfit in leather is often a prerequisite for entry.