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Those who discover flirting for themselves show special interest in their counterpart. Many relationships start with a "harmless flirt".

Flirting can be the beginning of an exciting connection. Some people also flirt "just for fun". As a rule, it is about signalling "I like you!" to the other person. Over time, the nature of flirting has changed fundamentally. Nowadays, the exchange often takes place via the internet and flirt chat rooms. But flirting in everyday life can of course also be fun - for example using body language. Here it is usually the mix of eye contact and words that arouses the interest of the other person.

Actually, however, there are no standardised rules to follow when flirting. Rather, it is important to be able to assess the respective situation (and the character of the flirting partner) well in order not to scare them off - in the worst case.

From compliments to furtive glances, everything is usually allowed here. But be careful! If you overstep the bounds or seem too pushy in the wrong situations, you risk an abrupt end to the conversation!

Flirting is also considered by many to be a kind of "foreplay" - either to a date or a spontaneous One Night Stand. This alone shows how versatile the goals can be. While some people use flirting to actually get to know each other better, others are only interested in a quick adventure. In order to better assess the intentions of the other person, it is almost always helpful to pay attention to the relevant environment. For example, a flirtation in a supermarket might be much more "well-behaved" than it would be in a sex club or on the dance floor at a singles party.