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A one-night stand, or ONS for short, is a sex date that usually only lasts for one night. Reunions are often not planned.

A one-night stand is a comparatively anonymous way to have sex. The partners usually don't know each other and are certainly not looking to lay the foundation for a lasting relationship together. Rather, they agree that they would like to fuck each other once.

There are no obligations associated with the corresponding adventure. Often one person does not even know the other's surname.

Classic places to pick up a one night stand are the club or a bar. Many parties within the gay Scene are even geared towards guests towing a stranger.

The safety factor plays an important role with regard to ONS an increasingly important role. Responsible gay men who want to have a little fun in this regard often have condoms on hand.

Sometimes, however, it happens that an ONS actually turns into something more. Maybe the sex was so good that "round 2" should be initiated? In this case, you should not forget to exchange numbers. Otherwise, the probability that the sexy one-night stand is suddenly no longer to be found is high.

In short, a one-night stand is a popular way to get away from it all for a while. Many couples even allow each other to enjoy an ONS. After all, it's not about feelings, but only about getting a little (varied) satisfaction. Those who can separate sex and love therefore often appreciate ONS.