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ONS is the abbreviation for One Night Stand.

ONS" is the classical abbreviation for One Night Stand. An ONS is therefore the epitome of sex without any commitment. Ideally, of course, all those involved know that no committed relationship will develop from the passionate screwing.

Especially when partners are changed repeatedly in the context of one-night stands, it is important, among other things, to pay attention to the aspect of safety. This means that the use of rubbers is always obligatory, as this can prevent infections.

If you are looking for an ONS, you will often find one on the internet, but also in so-called cruising areas. Here come Gays who are exclusively interested in this kind of adventure. Especially in big cities, it is usually not difficult to find a well-frequented cruising area.

Gays who may need a little more preparation and would like to look at the potential ONS partner on one (or more) photo(s) first are usually better advised with the aforementioned internet solution.

There are various chats and platforms here that bring interested parties together. If you want to get an even better impression, you can of course also use webcam pictures.

In short: the possibilities to meet for an ONS in a completely uncomplicated way today are much more versatile than it was the case a few years ago. Interestingly, however, many gays (and straights) still confuse the terms ONS and affair. By definition, a ONE Night Stand is actually a one-time thing. From sex date no. 2 onwards, the whole thing goes in the direction of an affair.