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Fucking is considered vulgar language and synonymous with sex

"Fucking" is one of the words most often used as a synonym for sex or sexual intercourse. However, this does not only refer to sex between a man and a woman, but also to sex between a man and a man (and a woman and a woman).

In general, this is a word that is considered vulgar. It is often used in connection with Dirty Talk is used. Couples then love to get into the mood (for example with a "Let me fuck you!" or "I'll fuck you hard!"). The word is also frequently used in porn (and in its titles). This is, after all, a welcome opportunity to put a combination of "forbidden", "dirty" and "sex" into one term.

But: the "shock factor" has definitely diminished over time. Although a "fuck" on TV still raises eyebrows now and then: Many people have meanwhile adopted this term - at least among friends - into their general linguistic usage.

However, it is always particularly interesting to look at the actual origin and history of the word. The expression can look back on a very special development and was not always vulgar.

Because: "to fuck" actually means to move something back and forth or to rub it. Even though sex is nothing else, this translation may seem surprising at first glance. So if you ask, "Shall we fuck?", you're asking whether both of you want to rub against each other.