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Because of Corona: the CSD becomes virtual


The events around the famous Christopher Street Day also (famously) fell victim to the Corona Virus, of course. It would have been too dangerous if the streets had been paved by a colourful celebration and demonstration community.

However, fans of the special hustle and bustle need not be sad. According to various media reports, the CSD is one of the events that will now be celebrated virtually. But how will the whole thing work? What message will be conveyed?

One thing is certain: the CSD 2020 should also become a real happening for the Scene become. After all, it is about standing together, especially in these difficult times, and making the best use of the current opportunities.

Basic details on the virtual CSD 2020

The preparations around the virtual CSD are in full swing and are being followed passionately by many people. The motto "Don't hide your pride!" stands for itself. Many groups and artists have already agreed to be part of the virtual version.

But what exactly is planned?

Those who don't want to miss the virtual CSD should make a note of 25 July in their calendars. A livestream is being organised here that is supposed to remind you of a classic parade when you watch it. Short clips of the groups will be played one after the other.

However, a look at the plans for the "big day" also reveals that the CSD will take place differently this year, but ultimately not "only" virtually. Because: Christopher Street Day is much more than a parade and celebration. It is about the message and about showing presence.

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Berlin's cityscape is becoming more colourful

Even if there are no floats and groups parading through the streets of Berlin on 25 July, this does not mean that the special flair of the CSD could not be celebrated here. Among other things, colourful, decorated houses will be filmed and added to the above-mentioned stream.

Those who want to be a little more active - even as spectators - can show themselves at the window, celebrate and thus also support the gay community. It quickly becomes clear: despite Corona, the special flair of this historic event has not been forgotten. On the contrary! An entire scene (and its fans) is sorting itself anew!

The CSD 2020: meaningful, modern and with a special statement

Many gays should be pleased that those responsible for the CSD have not buried their heads in the sand, but have thought about how the event could take place despite Corona. In times of living room concerts and the like, it has already been shown in the past how much is actually possible here (with a little imagination and motivation).

Especially now, when some people, often even leading politicians, are of the opinion that Corona is the result of homosexuality, among other things, it is particularly important to set an example.

Thus, the CSD 2020 from Berlin will certainly be an absolute success in many respects and will certainly reach even more people than already in the years before. Whether in the capital or in a remote village, 25 July 2020 can help prove to the rest of the world that the gay scene stands together and remains optimistic even in these times, without forgetting its very special message.

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