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The Schlagermove - great flirting opportunities for gays?

Photo: Imago/Hoch Zwei Stock/Angerer 04 April 2020 11:08

According to the current situation, the chances are not bad that the Schlagermove will take place in Hamburg/ Sankt Pauli. After all, the event has been scheduled for 3 and 4 July 2020. Let's hope that the restrictions currently in place in connection with Corona can be lifted by then.

Many optimists are not only looking forward to the Move, but are already asking themselves how flirtatious the event could be, especially for gays. After all, the Scene not only celebrating, but also the Schlager!

But what are the chances of finding either the "love of your life" or an erotic adventure in July? A look at the facts reveals that FlirtNothing should stand in the way of the exchange of numbers and sex here.

The Schlagermove with millions of visitors - a must-see for Schlager fans since the 1990s

Many Schlager fans have already marked the weekend in July in their (flower) calendars. Every year, since 1997, "Hossa!" lovers make a pilgrimage to the Hanseatic city. Millions line the streets, dance and celebrate the good mood.

It's not surprising that many gays use the Schlagermove to either put an end to their single existence or to experience a hot adventure.

Special hot spot: the afterhour parties after Schlagermove

What would the Schlagermove in Hamburg be without the famous after-move parties? After all, Sankt Pauli in particular invites you to party, doesn't it? Many pubs and bars (including some from the gay and lesbian scene) open their doors after the actual move and invite you to party until late into the night.

What does queer actually mean?

Of course, there are also many flirting opportunities for gays here! Depending on your personal interests, it is important to match the location to your own intentions. Those who are really looking for the "big love" should perhaps visit other pubs than those who are in the mood for a quick adventure. Sankt Pauli offers a wide selection here - from stylish to freaky.

The Schlagermove and the right disguise

Just like at carnival, the chances of flirting in connection with the Schlagermove can be significantly improved by the right look! Especially the (certainly) warm temperatures of July lend themselves to being enjoyed in optionally revealing outfits.

Whether colourful and flashy or black and simple: individual taste decides here!

Tip: colourful designs often seem more likeable and can increase the chances of flirting. However, such a positive impression should not be destroyed by too much alcohol consumption. If you want to flirt, you should at least still be able to articulate yourself.

Will the Schlagermove 2020 take place at all?

According to the official Schlager Move site, the organisers are closely monitoring the developments surrounding the corona virus. It is currently assumed that the event will take place on the first weekend in July. Therefore, it is not at all unrealistic to start thinking about nice flirting slogans, the respective look and, if necessary, a hotel room.

The latter should perhaps be able to be cancelled free of charge until the day of arrival - and not only because of a possible Corona cancellation. In the event of a postponement, up-to-date information will be posted on the social networks of the Schlager-Moves Hamburg and posted on the associated homepage.


harry47 4. April 2020 um 17:47

Hopefully the Schlagermove in Hamburg will still take place :/ We are at the gay move every year, aren't we?


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