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A drag queen is the opposite of a drag king - the drag queen dresses as a woman but is actually a man.

Drag queen

Many people find it difficult to resist the special magic of a Drag Queen to escape. This is a man who slips into the role of a woman, but clearly exaggerates the corresponding character.

Thus, many drag queens rely on dazzling clothes, colourful make-up and a freaky appearance. Successful drag Queens are artists who often develop very special characters out of their figures over the course of time and portray them in shows, for example.

But besides all the glitter, music and jokes, they often focus on a serious issue: they want to show that the classical boundaries often drawn by society can become blurred. Therefore, it would be wrong (and an extreme shame) to completely ignore the political message here. Especially the unmasking at the end of the shows shakes many viewers awake in an impressive way and shows that it is worthwhile to think outside the box.

But there are also many drags who like to dress up as women far away from the big show stage and love to reinvent themselves again and again. One of the things that impresses them here is the enormous amount of time they invest. Make-up and the like often take several hours.

By the way, many drag queens are not gay. On the contrary, more and more straight men are becoming enthusiastic about this exciting hobby.