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A queen is the name given to a gay man who takes himself particularly seriously and is always expressing new desires.

The term Queen has become - at least within the LGBTQ Scene - for gay men who repeatedly attract attention because of their extra desires and confront their environment with them.

Accordingly, this is a kind of character trait that - albeit unconsciously - emphasises the importance of one's own person and constantly brings one's own needs (to the suffering of other people) into focus.

A typical queen, for example, allows herself to be picked up for dates, invited out and would never dream of cometo take care of the cinema tickets or the washing up themselves. Queens want to be served. But that is exactly what makes them so endearing in the eyes of many gays.

The increase to the Queen, by the way, is the drama Queen. Not only can it be operated, but it is actually capable of turning almost any everyday situation into a real stress factor.

The reasons that can cause a gay man to become a queen or even a Drama Queen can be multifaceted. Sometimes those affected were already extremely pampered in their childhood, sometimes the exact opposite was the case.

One thing is certain: it is not always easy to be with a queen. However, if you manage to look behind the façade of the person in question, you will often find a kind person who is simply looking for a strong, protective partner.