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A drama queen is prone to emotional outbursts and dramatisation.

Drama queen

Drama queens do not necessarily have to be gays. Of course, heterosexual women (and men) can also be real drama queens. They are characterised by their tendency to overdramatise and present themselves. The classic drama Queen makes - as the name suggests - a drama out of almost everything.

The coffee is cold? Your loved one has stolen the chocolate from the fridge? The respective people actually always find a reason to get upset.

By the way, this agitation usually happens in a very public way. It doesn't matter whether it's in the flat or on the street: when feelings arise, they have to come out! It is completely irrelevant whether it is anger, fear or sadness.

For people who are with a drama queen, everyday life can be quite challenging. However, many queens do not mean any harm by their regular outbursts. Rather, they often see no other way out than to communicate in this way. Their circle of friends is sometimes rather limited due to the (now and then perceived as embarrassing) situations. Many of those affected even seek psychological help over time when they notice that they themselves suffer from their extreme emotional outbursts and hurt other people.

Drama Queens can, however, also play a role artistically. After all, in the context of theatre performance it is often precisely a matter of openly showing feelings and - consciously exaggerated - being in Scene to put on a show. The actors and actresses in question are often quite capable of controlling their emotions in "real life" and see their role as a kind of "exciting excursion" into an eccentric world.