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Orgasm refers to the sexual climax.

An orgasm is the sexual climax during sex. Many people experience this special feeling as an absolute highlight. But: of course, an orgasm is not everything that makes good sex!

It is difficult to describe the feeling of an orgasm. It is a combination of tingling, pulsating and pleasure. However, how long an orgasm lasts varies from person to person. Some gays, for example, try to prolong their orgasm by delaying it as long as possible.

Many people find it particularly erotic to watch or listen to another person having an orgasm. This is a special kind of loss of control. Once a certain point (the "point of no return") has been reached, the person "must" come. come.

During climax, sperm emerge from the male Penis out. Now, at the latest, it also becomes clear why it is so important to have sex with a Condom to protect. After all, these body fluids can also transmit diseases, among other things.

Those who have difficulty coming to orgasm can try to improve their orgasm through Masturbate find out what he enjoys. However, a permanent lack of orgasms can also indicate illness. This also applies to the psychological sphere, among other things. Often it is a mixture of stress and worries that causes a man to be unable to come or even to have erection problems.

However, with a little mental training and relaxation, the situation can often be improved again. If the orgasm is still not happening, it is advisable to consult a doctor. He or she can find out whether there is a physical cause.