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Masturbating is another term for pleasuring oneself.

When you masturbate, you bring yourself (and without a partner) to the Orgasm. Depending on individual taste, "only" the hands can be used for this purpose, or sex toys of various kinds can also be used. Dildos and vibrators in particular are still among the absolute classics in this category.

Contrary to many prejudices of earlier generations, masturbation is of course not a pathological procedure that can, for example, make you infertile or even blind. Instead, masturbation is a great way to get to know your own body even better.

Among other things, many couples also find it hornymasturbate in front of each other without touching the other. Sometimes they even go one step further and meet to Jack Off Parties. Here, only jerking off is explicitly ALLOWED! Sex is forbidden! A great thrill for all those who like voyeurism and the loud moaning of several party participants!

However, there are also people who feel quite set back when they know that their loved one masturbates. In this case, only one thing helps: talk! Because: of course, not only singles are allowed to masturbate, but also gays who are in a committed relationship, wanking. However, bringing oneself to orgasm regularly does not mean that one's partner is not loved! Rather, it is a particularly intimate moment with oneself.

By the way, masturbation can also help to improve your sex life in general! If you know what you like, you can show your partner exactly what you like.

Another, "nice" side effect: with an orgasm, happiness hormones are also released, among other things. So why do without this special "booster"?