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Jerking off is another term - often used in a vulgar context - for masturbating.

Jerk off is a vulgar word for masturbation. Even though women can of course also satisfy themselves, "wanking" is however mostly used in the context of masturbation by men.

When jerking off the Penis and the hand moves from top to bottom. This shows that one partner can of course also jerk off at the other. But: classic wanking does not typically lead to sex! Some gays also use this type of masturbation as foreplay.

While most people today believe that jerking off is an important experience of one's own sexuality, in the past there were true horror stories about this topic. Scientists, among others, spread the opinion that masturbating too much would make you sick and/or infertile. Those who were concerned with their own bodies at that time often did so with an extremely guilty conscience and the fear of doing something forbidden.

However, the times when jerking off is correspondingly negatively tainted are over. Today it is possible, among other things, to watch the actors in porn jerk off. Many gays even find masturbation more erotic than sex itself.

A particularly important role for an unforgettable Orgasm However, as is so often the case, the mental cinema also plays a role when masturbating. If you're tense, it's usually much harder to reach orgasm.

Unfortunately, many people still have a problem with their partner touching themselves. But masturbation is not usually about one not being enough for the other. On the contrary! If you know what you like, you can direct your partner even better during sex and thus often raise the passion in bed to a new level.