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Boy stands for boy and in the gay scene stands for a teenager


Translated from English, "boy" of course means "boy". Within the Gay Scene However, gay men refer to themselves as a boy when they mean a teenager. Many older gay men also like to call themselves a boy. However, to put it simply, this clearly misses the point. Because: just because an older gay sees himself as youthful or young at heart, he is no longer a boy. Many gay men therefore find it questionable to call themselves a boy, for example, when they are in their mid-50s.

A boy in the classical sense is, for example, a 17-year-old youth who is in the process of discovering his gayness. Many Twinks are also still a little shy about their own preferences.

Interestingly, however, many also associate the boy with a characteristic appearance. In their eyes, it is usually a young, rather lanky and perhaps slightly introverted man. However, there are many individual interpretations, so that it is now difficult to speak of the standard.

Incidentally, the term is also frequently used in connection with personal ads. Whoever wants a "boy" here is looking for a young man who often also underlines his youthful appearance with a certain style of dress. It is generally interpreted neutrally or sometimes even as a compliment and is rather rarely negative.

But as I said, everyone has their own ideal of a boy. Accordingly, it is quite possible that blind dates can lead to real surprises. come can.