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Naturism stands for "free body culture" and is celebrated on many beaches, among other places.

For many people, naturism means celebrating a very special attitude to life. Because: the abbreviation stands for naturism and accordingly means doing without clothing in the respective areas.

This trend is particularly popular on beaches, but also on some campsites and at various theme parties.

However, anyone who wants to try naturism for themselves should observe a few basic rules. It is, of course, forbidden - for example, on beaches - to watch other people intrusively or even to take photographs. In the context of theme parties in sex clubs, however, voyeurism is of course usually allowed. In short: the environment decides how far naturists are allowed to go in the relevant areas.

But: Naturally, naturism cannot be practised "just like that". On beaches and lakes, certain signs indicate the textile-free zones. Outside these areas, clothes must be worn.

The reasons for giving naturism a chance are many and varied. Some people find the renunciation of clothing extremely liberating. Among other things, they love to swim naked and thus establish a special connection with themselves. Of course, many people also focus on the erotic factor. This plays an important role especially in relevant clubs. Sex often takes place in these places.

By the way: naturism is by no means a new trend! In fact, the history of nudism goes back to the 1920s. At that time, Germany's first nude beach opened on the island of Sylt. A few years later, the first nudist clubs were founded. Outside of these, nude bathing was prohibited for a long period of time.