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Dom stands for "dominant" and plays an important role especially in the BDSM scene.


The abbreviation "Dom" plays a role especially in the BDSM area plays an important role. Those who "dom", i.e. dominantis in charge of the sex game. The difference between "dom" and "dev" is, however, even more pronounced than that which exists between "active" and "passive" can be made.

Because: Being a Dom usually also means humiliating your partner to some extent. This can be done either with words or with pain - for example, by whipping. In short: in order for the dominant part to really show off its power, it needs the right equipment and a little imagination. Often the participants use Role playsto really get going here. come.

Since the actual act also involves a bit of acting, it makes sense to always agree on a code word in advance. This can signal to the other person: "This far and no further!" without destroying the horny mood.

The passion for the relationship between dominant and submissive cannot always be lived out in a partnership. That's why many passionate devs turn to relevant clubs, where the right doms are already waiting for them. Here, the participants often have entire rooms at their disposal that are optimally adapted to their needs. Fetish have been adapted.

Those who are looking for a dominant sex partner often find what they are looking for in relevant chats. Here you can usually write openly about expectations, desired partners and fantasies. But: the dom/dev trend is by no means a purely gay fetish! Many straight men are also enthusiastic about this special power game.