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Being passive during sex means letting yourself be fucked. Or in other words: the active partner penetrates, the passive one adapts to the rhythm.

Even in bed you can choose between Active and passive can be distinguished. However, being passive during sex does not mean not moving and "just stalling". On the contrary! The passive role can also become very passionate and sexy.

As a general rule, the person who has Penis introduces is called the active part. The passive part is fucked and thus has the opportunity to enjoy the whole thing and adapt to the rhythm of the active partner.

Some men have special preferences with regard to the distribution of roles, others are flexible and love to take on both the active and the passive role. To be able to judge which is more fun, it is of course best to have tried both at least once.

In the ideal case, both partners naturally harmonise with each other. Two convinced active fans will certainly not be happy with each other any more than two men who each insist on always being fucked passively.

Anyone who is exclusively interested in ONS If you would like to arrange a date, you can of course clarify the relevant "details" in advance to prevent misunderstandings. In advertisements and chats, the two practices are often abbreviated with letters, "A" and "P".

Gays who are just beginning to engage in sex with the same sex and everything that goes with it often find their entry point via the active variant. However, there is no universal rule for this. Everyone's tastes are individual, and sometimes the preferred Position or simply depending on the mood of the day.