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Position refers to the way two people have sex with each other. For gays, the doggy style is especially popular.

Surely every gay (and Straight) have their very own favourites when it comes to deciding on a particular position during sex. While some are enthusiastic about the more romantic variant, for example in the form of the spoon position, others prefer the somewhat "dirtier" variant in the Doggy Style.

Depending on the position, it is possible, among other things, to go sometimes faster, sometimes less quickly to the Orgasm to come. For example, some positions are particularly well suited for Prostate stimulate.

Depending on how flexible the participants are, there is a comparatively wide range of positions to choose from. A look at the Kama Sutra can provide inspiration.

The variations become even more varied when not "just" two, but several people are involved in the sex. This quickly results in very special "orgy positions" in which just about everyone can get their money's worth.

Among other things, some gays also love to imitate their respective favourite position when masturbating and thus make masturbation a little more varied.

The preferred position can also depend, among other things, on the self-confidence or self-image of the people involved. Those who have no problem showing themselves, for example, often like to be poked from behind in the Doggy Fucking variant. On the other hand, those who are perhaps a little more shy may prefer spooning. However, most positions are definitely too beautiful to be performed in the dark.