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Hetero means to love women as a man or men as a woman.

Even in our modern age, being straight is still considered by many to be the only "normal" thing. Women and men who are straight are attracted to the opposite sex. They represent the classic cliché, which however - at the latest since the 1980s - has been rejected by the gay movement and today by the numerous Pride campaigns was replaced.

And yet there are still people who divide other people into different categories based on the question "homo or hetero?" and judge them accordingly. However, due to numerous campaigns, many prejudices from this area have - fortunately - already been reduced.

However, a look at the origin of the word also shows that "hetero" does not necessarily have to be associated with sexuality. Because: freely translated, hetero simply means "unequal". Only when the word is extended by the addition of "sexual" is it clear that we are talking about the classic "man-woman relationship".

Interestingly, current studies repeatedly address the question of whether a person may not always be 100 per cent straight, but may also have other preferences within them without knowing it. For example, many straight people can get excited about gay porn with lesbians or gays, but would never admit exactly that in everyday life or in direct conversation with their friends.

Of course, the boundaries between preferences are sometimes blurred. Some people are not only attracted to the other sex, but also to their own sex. In this case, we are talking about bisexuality.