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Doggy is a sex position in which the passive partner kneels on all fours like a dog.


Doggy Style is indeed reminiscent of a dog. Because: with this Position one partner kneels in front of the other in a quadruped stance and gets fucked from behind. This variation is not only popular with gays, but also with Straight Popular with couples. Because doggy is often associated with something dirty, the position is also used in many porn films.

Here, the focus is often not on "gentle love", as in the spoon position, for example, but rather on the pleasure of sex.

Many couples also combine doggy with other sex ideas, for example, by helping their partner with the Orgasm ejaculate on the back. If you want to intensify the feeling for both a little more, you can try bending your upper body down as far as possible. This usually gives you the opportunity to penetrate even deeper into the anus (or vagina).

The person who assumes the doggy position in the quadruped stance is much more passive than his "opponent". This is because the latter can determine the pace and intensity much more easily, for example by holding on to the other person's hips and thus exerting a significant influence on what happens.

The doggy position can also play an important role in the context of group sex. Whoever is fucked from behind here can simultaneously fuck another partner with a Blowjob or - with a little practice and balance - satisfy yourself in parallel.