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Whoever is dominant sets the tone in a relationship - both in everyday life and in bed.


Both men and women can be dominant in today's world. In everyday life, however, "dominant" is often abbreviated to "domconfused with "sexuality". However, this usually refers only to the sexual sphere. Whoever is "dom" here takes the more active role - also especially in the BDSM Scene - on.

However, the term "dominant" goes far beyond the sexual. Because: a dominant man also calls the shots in everyday life within a relationship. What can be very stimulating on the one hand can be extremely intimidating for the partner on the other. Therefore, it is all the more important to still respect the other person with a "healthy dominance", of course. Otherwise, a partner might feel oppressed and not taken seriously.

Dominant during sex is perceived by many people as very attractive. And in fact, a corresponding power struggle can actually be extremely turning on. In contrast, dominance that is lived out too intensively in everyday life often comes across as domineering and not very likeable. Many people who are dominated within a partnership lose self-confidence over time and isolate themselves more and more. The whole thing becomes particularly dangerous if the dominant partner is also a choleric person.

Having sex with a dominant person, on the other hand, can be especially fun. Especially when you find yourself in a rather submissive role, nothing stands in the way of many imaginative role plays.