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In role play, both sex partners - as the name suggests - take on certain roles and fill them with life during foreplay and fucking.

If you feel like role-playing during sex, all you have to do is give your imagination a little free rein. In a way, this is a little "sex theatre" in which the participants want to become the people they want.

Particularly popular classics in this context are doctor, patient, police and burglar. To add even more realism to the whole scenario, there is of course always the option of visiting a sex shop to equip yourself with the appropriate clothes. Due to the great demand for costumes from the most diverse categories, many suppliers have stocked up accordingly in the course of the last few years.

However, for role-play to work, it is important that the participants actually take their assumed role seriously. If you giggle all the time and ridicule the whole situation, you will quickly kill your pleasure.

The plan to bring more pep into sex life with a role play can quickly backfire and have the exact opposite effect.

Over time, many couples manage to refine their role-playing even further. Sometimes they even extend their foreplay to other locations, such as meeting as "strangers" in a restaurant and one of them hooking up with the other. Whoever manages to consciously adapt to the respective Scene can broaden one's erotic horizons considerably.