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A fetish is something that gives people pleasure. It can be all about certain things and actions.

A fetish is a thing or an action that arouses special passion and sexual excitement in the person concerned, the fetishist. Anyone who has dealt with different fetishes will quickly see that there are usually no limits to the imagination. On the contrary!

Whether it is certain items of clothing, materials or objects, for example: the list of things that people can find sexually arousing is long. Particularly individual inclinations, such as sexual attraction to aeroplanes or the like, are often eyed with scepticism by outsiders. Many Fetishists devote their whole life to their passion. Not all of them have a partner who shares the corresponding passions with them. Sometimes relationships even break down because of the different preferences.

As long as no one is hurt or abused by a fetish, however, they are usually largely harmless passions.

The causes that can lead to a fetish are always being researched - especially psychologically.

Interestingly, however, some passions for certain things experience greater acceptance within society. Those who are in favour of wearing lacquer and Leather can get excited about, usually has less to explain than someone who loves to sleep with a sex doll, for example, or wear pantyhose in everyday life.

Not all fetishists are open about their passion. Some live it out exclusively in silence. Many also look for like-minded people on relevant platforms with whom they can live out their preferences together if necessary.