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Stylish mouthguard ideas for Corona time - safety can also be sexy


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Even though there is still (?) no obligation to wear a mouthguard in this country (as of 22.04.2020), more and more people are becoming interested in wearing a mouthguard. gay men for these special "accessories". After all, the federal government has repeatedly emphasised their usefulness in the past.

But does a mouth-nose protection always have to be "only" functional? Current developments show that this could even become a real trend. After all, mouthguards are now produced in a number of variants.

If you are looking for a particularly individual variant, you can also make your own protection - optionally without sewing. (Attention: depending on the model, this is not medical protection! Rather, the classic cotton mouth-nose protector is about protecting one's environment from viruses and bacteria)!

The self-made mouth-nose protector

If you want to repurpose old shirts and shirts, you can easily make your own individual protection out of them. The internet offers many DIY ideas that do not require a sewing machine.

Here it is sufficient to cut a sufficiently large piece of fabric, fold it accordingly and attach elastic bands to the ends.

Of course, sewing and needlework fans can go one step further and download sewing instructions from the net.

Mouth and nose protection ideas from well-known fashion labels

At a time when buying new shirts is not the primary concern, many fashion labels are also choosing to adapt to current demand.

The different protective variants feel pleasant on the skin and are usually characterised by a simple, elegant look. The labels usually use muted colours, which - by the way - can also be combined perfectly with suits and the like.

Would you have known that you can charm your partner so easily?

Depending on the manufacturer and material, different specifications for possible washing must be observed.

Print your own ideas

Everyday masks can also be easily printed with your own design. Here, too, a search on the Internet can help. Many providers make it easy to upload pictures, drawings and the like.

This makes it possible to easily create your own copy and save yourself the time of the Corona crisis a little more "colourful".

Neckerchiefs as mouth-nose protection

If you have not yet managed to order a mouth-nose protector, you can also use a scarf for the time being. Of course, the denser the material, the better. Cotton is also a classic "all-rounder" here.

However, it is also particularly important to be careful with the use of perfume in this case. Otherwise, wearers run the risk of being exposed to the scent, which has also been sprayed on the neck, for a longer period of time.

Where should a mouth/nose guard be worn?

As already mentioned, in Germany not yet compulsory to wear an "everyday mask". Nevertheless, many experts are of the opinion that this is an important accessory - especially in public transport and when shopping - that can be used to prevent infection if necessary.

But be careful: wearing a mask does not invalidate other rules, such as a distance of 1.50m to 2.00m. Moreover, classic everyday masks do not serve to protect oneself, but to protect other people.

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