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Gay contacts in Hamburg: Reeperbahn - St. Georg - Lange Reihe

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of Berlin and Bremen to the three city states of our country - Hamburg is thus a city and a federal state in one. With its approximately 1.84 million inhabitants, it is the city with the second largest population in Germany after Berlin. In Europe, Hamburg is also the largest city that is not a capital city.

Gay dating in Hamburg

What makes Hamburg so exciting for gay men & gay contacts?

Modern Hamburg is very liberal and an active gay community. Scene. In addition to the Reeperbahn, probably the most famous red light district in the world, there is an entire district here called the Gay Quarter. There are numerous gay bars and gay saunas in the St. Georg district.

Are you wondering where you can meet gay contacts and gay men in Hamburg? Here you have of course the possibility to find out about our Gay chat numerous Twinks and bears from Hamburg and the surrounding area. However, if you prefer the gay cruising Areas ? Or are you looking for a suitable place for a first date? We've picked out some of the best places in Hamburg for hot gay sex.


Gay bars in Hamburg

Bellini Bar

Address: Danziger Straße 63 in the district of St. Georg

The Bellini Bar opened in 2002 and is also described as the Mecca of the gay contacts scene in Hamburg. The bar is located in the gay scene in the very popular district of St. Georg and shows its pride completely uninhibited - above the entrance hang not only the German and Italian but also the Gay Pride Flag.

At Bellini you can enjoy excellent wine, tasty Aperol Spritz or a well-mixed Negroni. The friendly staff also mixes the other cocktails excellently and not with too few revolutions. The stylish and cosy gay bar is the perfect place to go before a party or to spend a pleasant evening in a relaxed atmosphere.


Address: Pinnasberg 60 in the district of Altona-Altstadt

Not far from the Reeperbahn, Christiansens welcomes you with a friendly atmosphere. The visual highlight of this gay bar (besides the visitors, of course) is the large aquarium near the entrance. Christiansens is not only about the décor, but of course also about the alcohol - and there is plenty of it here. Over 200 varieties of rum and gin guarantee a fun-filled evening. In addition to the classic cocktails, this gay bar also offers many of its own creations. The drinks are always accompanied by some nibbles, which are regularly replenished by the obliging staff. Compared to other pubs, the drinks here are a bit more expensive, but definitely worth every penny!

Daniel's Company

Address: Kreuzweg 6 in the St. George district

Daniel's Company is an inn and dance bar in one. For all tolerant people in the city of Hamburg, this crazy location is the perfect place to go for gays. In the gay bar, excellent music and friendly bar staff guide you through a pleasant evening. The crowd is colourful and from old to young, all age groups are represented at Daniel's.

From the outside, the gay pub is brightly lit and hard to miss. Inside, the strong (but not too obtrusive) use of many light sources continues. Together with the cool 70s-style furnishings, which are strongly reminiscent of an inn, you feel right at home in Daniel's Company.


Address: Danziger Straße 63 in the district of St. Georg

Also in the gay district of St. Georg and not far from the Bellini Bar you will find the Contact Bar. You can't miss this bar because of the gay pride flags above the entrance. Inside, the colour red clearly dominates, in the spirit of passion and love. The warm colours, the friendly staff (who take great care to create a family atmosphere in the pub) and the crowd make you feel extremely comfortable in the Contact Bar. The gay pub is perfect for meeting gay contacts, for partying or for a few relaxed beers after work. Every evening here is pure entertainment. Especially as a visitor to Hamburg, this bar is the perfect place to get to know gay Hamburg.

Extra tour

Address: Zimmerpforte 1 in the district of St. Georg

You'll also find the gay bar Extratour in the St. Georg district (where most of Hamburg's gay scene definitely takes place). The gay bar, furnished with rustic wooden furniture, is always well attended - sometimes it is even very crowded - and stands for a friendly party atmosphere. The visitors to the bar are often a bit older, but young people are of course not excluded and can often be found here as well. Compared to other gay bars in Hamburg, the prices for drinks at Extratour are particularly reasonable.

Hamburg Gay Meeting No. 6: Motley

Address: Bremer Reihe 20 in the district of St. Georg

Out of habit we continue to stay in the St. Georg district and come to the next Top-This is the city's gay bar: Gay Bar Kunterbunt. The saying "small but nice" applies here, because this bar is definitely not big. But the gay bar offers you a first-class atmosphere, fair prices and good music.

Hamburg Gay Meeting No. 7: Generation Bar

Address: Lange Reihe 81 in the St. Georg district

Generation Bar is also located - how could it be otherwise - in the gay district of St. Georg. The interior of this gay bar is very modern, works with strong lines and underlines the overall picture with wonderful light effects. The large shop window gives you a great foretaste of what awaits you inside. The audience of the
Generation Bar (or G-Bar) is predominantly younger and has a great atmosphere to Flirt and getting to know each other.

Hamburg Gay Meeting No. 8: Kyti Voo

Address: Lange Reihe 82 in the St. Georg district

Directly opposite Generation Bar you will find Kyti Voo. This gay bar also has a modern interior style, but darker lighting than the G-Bar. But that doesn't mean that the atmosphere is gloomy. Thanks to the friendly staff, you always have the feeling of being with friends. Besides first-class cocktails
you can also get tasty craft beer here.

Hamburg Gay Meeting No. 9: Cube

Address: Lange Reihe 88 in the St. Georg district

The Cube cocktail bar is located in the immediate vicinity of the G-Bar and the Kyti. These three gay bars form the triumvirate of stylishly furnished bars in Hamburg's gay quarter and the Cube does not have to hide from its competitors.

Even though this gay bar looks rather small and inconspicuous from the outside, the Cube is considered one of the best cocktail bars for gays in Hamburg. So if it's ever so crowded that you have to wait, you should put up with it - it's definitely worth the wait!

More gay bars in Hamburg

Unfortunately, we can't describe all the gay bars in Hamburg in detail on this page - there are far too many for that. In addition to the gay bars we have just presented to you, there are many other places in Hamburg that you should visit:

  • Angie's Nightclub
  • Dementy (at the Magnus Hirschfeld Centrum)
  • finally
  • M & V
  • Piccadilly
  • Pick Up
  • Purgatory
  • Day bar in the warehouse
  • Thomaskeller
  • Toom Peerstall
  • Wonderful

The hottest meeting places: Gay saunas in Hamburg

If a city has a strong gay scene, then of course one important type of meeting place cannot be missing: the gay sauna. And in contrast to Berlin - where unfortunately there is only one gay sauna - Hamburg is well equipped. In these three gay saunas you can sweat to your heart's content and meet new gay contacts:

Apollo Gay Sauna

Address: Max-Brauer-Allee 277 in the district of Eimsbüttel

The Apollo Sauna is fully designed to meet the needs of gay sauna-goers. The gay-only sauna appeals to you as soon as you visit the website, because here you know immediately where you are: the Apollo Sauna is a Gaysauna It doesn't get any hotter than this. In addition to a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna and a plunge pool, there are all kinds of other opportunities to meet people. For example
you can, for example, retreat to the relaxation rooms and cabins or have adventures in the Darkroom search. There are also glory holes at the Apollo. Horny encounters are the order of the day here.

On its website, the Apollo Sauna describes itself as Hamburg's gay sauna for men 40+ and their fans. Even though the majority of visitors are somewhat older, younger gay contacts and twinks also hang out here. To round off the offer, the Apollo also offers geike oil massages. For this, however, it's best to make a reservation by phone. Or find a horny contact beforehand via our gay chat so that the oiling is even more fun.

The décor of the Apollo Sauna is chic and there is a pleasant ambience. On the ground floor, you can have a few drinks in the bar before or after sweating.

Dragon Sauna

Address: Pulverteich 37 in the district of St. Georg

The second gay sauna on our list is located directly in the gay quarter of Hamburg - St. Georg. In addition to numerous gay bars, you will also find the Dragon Sauna, a gay sauna that has been around for about 20 years. The location was recently renovated and offers attractive furnishings and high-quality facilities.

The highlights of the Dragon Sauna include a whirlpool, a Finnish sauna, a caldarium with 50° hot water, a steam bath and a wellness area. You can also book massages in the gay sauna. For particularly intense encounters, the Dragon Sauna offers a large gay cruising area. Here you can easily find other horny gay men for sex adventures.

Visitors to the sauna especially praise the family atmosphere, which is also created by the hard work of the team and the owner. In addition to the many different ways to sweat, you can also enjoy a variety of delicacies in the Dragon Gay Sauna bistro.

Men's Heaven Spa

Address: Steindamm 14 in the district of St. Georgi

The Men's Heaven Gay Sauna is only a few minutes away from the Dragon Sauna and is also located in the gay district of St. Georgi. Spread over four levels, you can let your lust run free here. As with the other gay saunas in Hamburg, there is a Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a bar and the possibility to book massages.

In line with the needs of visitors to a gay sauna, there are also other rooms that make the Men's Heaven Spa special, in addition to the usual sweat offers. For example, there is a dark room where you will also find several glory holes. You can also let your fantasies run free on a gynaecological chair. There are flat screen TVs throughout the building,
hot free gay porn movies are running and you can get to know each other in numerous cabins for the wanking withdraw.

By the way, right next to the sauna there is also a sex cinema with comfortable cinema seats. If a visit to the gay sauna wasn't enough for you, or if you didn't meet anyone interesting there (which rarely happens), you can really release the pressure here - or have it released.

He is looking for him: Cruising in Hamburg

In Hamburg, too, there are numerous places and opportunities for gay cruising. In the following list we have summarised some hotspots where you are likely to meet other gay men. The order of the places for cruising does not correspond to any rating.

Hammer Park

In Hamburg's Hammer Park, located in the district of Hamm, there are many winding paths and bushes. The park is ideal for gay cruising. Both directly in the park as well as at the roundabout at the stop At the Hammer market place gay men of all ages who are looking for an exciting experience. However, opportunities usually only arise when it is dark.

Boberger See / Boberger Dunes

Boberger See is a rather decentralised cruising area in Hamburg. But the lake, located in the district of Billwerder, is a really beautiful place. There is a meadow on the south side of the lake where many cruising enthusiasts can be found, especially in good weather. Thanks to nearby bushes, you can also retreat well - if you want to. Otherwise, the area is also used as a NUDIST area is used.

A24 Hahnenkoppel rest area

If you take the A24 towards Hamburg, you will come to the Hahnenkoppel rest area (the last car park before Hamburg). There's a lot going on here, especially in warmer temperatures - especially in the cottage. You can also meet great gay contacts in the other direction.

A1 Stapelfeld commuter car park the gay crusing place no. 4:

This cruising place (exit to Stapelfeld/Braak) is about a quarter of an hour away from Hamburg (depending on how and from where you drive), but usually offers great experiences. As the name suggests, you often meet commuters here - and as we know, they are often under a lot of pressure. Thanks to the somewhat secluded location and the small forest around it, you are protected from
protected from prying eyes.

Gay Crusing Place No. 5: A39 Hamburg-Lüneburg car park

The car park is located on the A39 between Winsen-West and Winsen-East. You can have a lot of fun here in both driving directions. The site is one of the best-visited gay cruising car parks in the Hamburg area. It's not just at night, but also during the day and even in bad weather. We recommend rubber boots for the bushes. You can also meet horny men in the toilet. The car park is also very well known and popular with truckers.

Place No. 6: Lake in the Maschen Moor

The lake in the Maschener Moor can be found south of Hamburg. This gay cruising place is easily accessible by car. There is a very spacious sandy beach in the north-eastern part of the lake. Both there and in the adjacent forest (if there is too much "normal" people at the lake) you can meet gay contacts without any problems. The prerequisite for this is, of course, good weather.

Gay Crusing Place No. 7: City Park Blind Garden

In the Winterhude district in the north of Hamburg you will find the Blindengarten city park. Around the garden there is traffic on the narrow paths and in the bushes all day long (and yes, the ambiguity was intentional). If the weather is good, you will find both young and older gays here with whom you can have a lot of fun. Beware, it can get quite dark here at night.

Hamburger Crusing Platz No. 8: People's Park

In the extensive Volkspark in the district of Altona, you might have to search a bit sometimes, but when the weather is good, many gays hang out here. Hotspots are, for example, the car park at the farmhouse and the rhododendron forest. The Volkspark is without a doubt one of the most beautiful gay cruising areas in the whole of Hamburg.

The history of gays in Hamburg

Hamburg - not so liberal after all

Hamburg has always been a liberal city - at least that's what the people of Hamburg like to say. However, a look at the city's history shows that this was not always the case. Until the Second World War, everyday life for gays in many cities was almost the same: secrecy and fear of persecution were on the daily menu. At the beginning of the 20th century, movements for gay rights started, but were kept small and suppressed. When the National Socialists came to power, all homosexual identity movements were of course nipped in the bud (as best they could). But even after the end of the Second World War, not too much changed for the gays. They were no longer deported to concentration camps, but according to the law, gays in West and East Germany were still not allowed to pursue their sexuality.

The struggle against oppression

Nevertheless, an active homosexual bar scene developed in Hamburg in the post-war period. Thus, gays met to dance in legendary pubs like the Café Bohème or the Roxi. In 1960, however, attempts began to put a stop to these cafés. On 4 November 1960, the so-called ban on dancing was enacted, a Hamburg peculiarity that does not exist in this form anywhere else in Germany.
Germany. This made it illegal for men to dance with each other.

In 1964, this ban was topped. Hamburg's Senator of the Interior Helmut Schmidt (SPD) issued an order to have spy mirrors installed in public toilets. This was to ensure that no homosexual fornication took place in the toilets.

Even though Hamburg is nowadays a very liberal and open city where gays can feel safe, this dark chapter of the city should not simply be swept under the carpet.

The Hamburg Marriage

Despite the city's dark history, attitudes towards gays in Hamburg changed sometimes much faster than in other parts of Germany. For example, on 8 April 1999, the so-called Hamburg Marriage was introduced - the colloquial name for the "Law on the Registration of Same-Sex Partnerships". This allowed gay couples for the first time to register their partnership at a Hamburg registry office.

A small drop of bitterness: unfortunately, this registration was only symbolic. For the gay men, the registration resulted in neither legal obligations nor rights. Also - and this is what made this registration almost obsolete again - the registration of the same-sex partnership did not change the individual's civil status. Before the law
gay men were thus still considered single despite the registered partnership.

On 1 August 2001, the Hamburg marriage became obsolete when the Civil Partnership Act came into force nationwide.

Christopher Street Day in Hamburg

Just as in the whole of Germany, the gay movement in Hamburg also prevailed against oppression. Today, the celebrations surrounding Christopher Street Day in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, known as HAMBURGER PRIDE, open up not just one day, but almost half a month. Beginning with the first events that start in mid-July and ending with the CSD street festival - which ends at the beginning of August - Gay Pride is celebrated to one's heart's content in Hamburg.

Even though the street parades for the CSD in Hamburg are not as big as in Berlin, hundreds of thousands are still drawn to the Hanseatic city. In 2019, for example, around 200,000 people took part in the demonstration for the Gay Pride part.

Hamburg's gay district

Of course, not everyone who lives or walks around there is gay. Nevertheless, St. Georg is now known as a gay district of Hamburg and has been very popular in the gay scene since the 1990s.

The heart of the local scene is the Lange Reihe, a street that runs through the district. The Lange Reihe is also considered the catwalk of Hamburg's gay scene and the main place for men to meet other gay men. The street offers the curious numerous gay cafés, pubs and clubs.