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In a darkroom it is - as the name suggests - so dark that people can fuck each other completely anonymously.


People who visit a gay club or a gay sauna and want to have spontaneous, anonymous sex usually go to the darkroom. Here they meet like-minded people who are usually not interested in WHO they are fucking, but only THAT they are fucking.

Today, darkrooms are offered in many sizes. Depending on the facility, it may even be possible to organise extensive gang bang parties here. However, this is not a purely gay phenomenon. Many swingers clubs aimed at heterosexual couples have also integrated a darkroom into their offer.

The special thing about it is that - apart from the entrance area - it is actually pitch dark. Anyone entering the darkroom should therefore always be aware that - depending on how busy it is - it will be touched by many hands.

This is a great alternative for those who want multiple partners, sex without commitment and that very special adventure.

Many gays who otherwise might not (yet) manage to come out of their shells and shy away from having sex with strangers (even though they actually feel like it) could find the right entry point in the darkroom.

Especially after leaving the dark room and the subsequent stay in the club, the question "Who did I just fuck?" arises. An aspect that makes many gays smile, but also not infrequently tempts them to visit the darkroom again directly.