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Gay men meet in a gay sauna to sweat and have sex.

A gay sauna offers gay men the opportunity to combine wellness and sex. Especially in larger cities, it is usually no problem to find a modern gay sauna. However, the different offers sometimes differ significantly from each other. Therefore, it makes sense to find out a little about the experience of the saunas in advance.

Gay saunas may only be visited from the age of 18. Depending on the offer, visitors have the opportunity to try out a Finnish sauna, a steam bath and other areas. Some of the saunas are deliberately kept rather dark, so that a slight Darkroom feeling nothing stands in the way.

Many providers supplement the corresponding premises with a cinema or TV room, in which - similar to the Gaykino - Gay porn is shown.

Anyone who has visited a gay sauna knows that sex and relaxation can come together here in a special way. It's not ONLY about fucking, nor ONLY about wellness. It is usually the special ambience that makes those who have visited a sauna come back often.

However, to make the whole thing even more fun, it is important to choose a facility that places particularly high value on hygiene and cleanliness. Especially in rooms with high humidity, the passion will otherwise quickly fall by the wayside. Many gays spend the entire day here. They switch between the different temperatures (and partners) and use the opportunity to treat themselves to a particularly horny break from everyday life.