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The top in gay sex is the active partner. So it is the one who is actively fucking while the other is getting fucked.

In gay sex, a distinction is made between the active and the passive role. The active partner fucks, while the passive partner, often referred to as "Mare" is referred to, gets fucked. Those who are looking for a somewhat hipper term for the active variant often quickly come into contact with the word "top".

Fucking as a top can offer many advantages. After all, this gives you the opportunity to set the appropriate rhythm even better, while the passive partner adapts. Many gays also see being a top as a kind of power play. It is therefore not surprising why many gay couples make the distinction between top and passive especially in the area of BDSM celebrate

But: also in connection with Flower sex there is "top" and "passive". After all, strictly speaking, this is only a question of "who fucks and who gets fucked?".

Many gays also love not to commit themselves with regard to their sexual adventures here. The so-called Switcher switch with preference between active and passive. Even within partnerships, it often happens that the boundaries become blurred.

In addition, the orgasms that can be elicited in relation to both variants differ from each other, sometimes significantly. Those who are fucked in the ass benefit from stimulation of the Prostate. The top part, on the other hand, spoils its Penis. So ideally, everyone gets their money's worth when playing between active and passive. Accordingly, it is worth trying out both to find out in which direction one's own preference goes.