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A switcher is a gay man who loves to switch from the active to the passive role during sex (and vice versa)

Anyone who deals with typical terminology on the subject of gay sex will comparatively quickly be confronted with the words "active" and "passive". But not every gay man (understandably) wants to be categorised as an active or passive lover.

Some gays love to switch between active and passive either in the middle of sex or from time to time and thus rediscover their relationship again and again.

Gay men who do not want to choose one kind are generally called "switchers". Loosely translated, this means "switchers", which - in relation to the question "To fuck or to be fucked?" definitely corresponds to the truth.

They are often sought-after lovers, because they usually promise a high degree of variety in bed. Those who are in the process of getting to know a potential new sex partner over the internet can check in advance whether he or she might be a switcher. Depending on your own sexual preference, the anticipation of the first real meeting can be increased even more.

Many gay men also only become switchers in the course of their lives because at some point curiosity gets the better of them and they want to know, for example, what it feels like not to be fuckbut to be fucked. One thing is certain: The typical switcher offers his partner an enormous amount of flexibility and is almost always good for a surprise. However, in order for this to be used by both sides, it is (understandably) important that the switcher's partner is flexible and open to new positions.