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Flower sex is a comparatively "innocent" kind of sex

Flower sex

Flower sex could in some ways be seen as the opposite of BDSM can be called. Accordingly, things are much calmer and more classical here. Many people associate flower sex with, among other things, their first time or the missionary position.

But: Of course, flower sex doesn't have to be boring. On the contrary! Many couples love to rediscover themselves again and again in this way.

In flower sex, positions are rarely changed. That's why it doesn't play a big role in classic porn. Nevertheless, it can be extremely relaxing for both partners to have a sex session or two.

However, it is a prejudice that people who are enthusiastic about flower sex are uptight. On the contrary! With a little imagination, great positions can be tested here.

Gays who are interested in Dirty Talk can inspire, come However, those who want a quickie are less likely to get their money's worth here. Quickie lovers are also unlikely to feel addressed. But: just because of the special, erotic factor, flower sex is now popular with many age groups. This is a great alternative to the pressure to perform that unfortunately still prevails in bed.

By the way, flower sex owes its name to the well-known story about "bees and flowers". Experience has shown that it is more relaxed and without much action. Of course, this sex also serves its purpose. To Orgasm Here, there is also a comparatively high cuddle factor, which - quite incidentally - can also release happiness hormones.