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Desirée Nick speaks out against bullying

celebs under palm trees

The "nation's sharpest tongue" Desirée Nick has spoken out against bullying in her Facebook chronicle. The reason: the developments on "Celebrities under Palms", the clique formation against Claudia Obert and the fact that all of Germany could watch how a group turned against an individual.

Just a few days before, Nick's argument with Mrs Obert was hotly debated. It was loud, it was shrill and it was pretty fractious. The whole thing then culminated in Desirée pushing Claudia's suitcase down the stairs.

Now "La Nick" explains in a long post what the difference is between arguing and bullying. The TV community is divided.

Claudia Obert in the victim role - what happened?

Good question! Perhaps it is part of the classic process of a reality format that at some point (sooner or later) the camps split. In the case of "Celebrities under Palm Trees", Ms Obert was suddenly alone.

On the other side: the rest. Except for Tobias Wegner, whom many would certainly have believed to have so much empathy (especially after the break-up scenario surrounding Janine Pink). He was the only one who - more or less active - between the fronts and did not lash out at the excluded.

Why Claudia of all people became a victim here could certainly be analysed by psychologists. Was it her regular alcohol consumption? The flirtation with Schill? Or was it the fact that she was one of the few on German TV who actually "dared" to stand up to "La Nick" and NOT back down? One thing is certain: the last two episodes of "Celebrities under Palms" have shown how mean people can be to each other.

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Bullying or dispute culture? Opinions differ

What would the internet be without at least two opinions? The scandal surrounding "Celebrities under Palm Trees" had a wide impact. On the one side: the "It's only entertainment!" faction. On the other side: those who see pure malice in the tips against Claudia.

Many TV viewers are also a little surprised that Desireé Nick suddenly takes Claudia's side. After all, she herself was involved in the first quarrel of the season. Accordingly, the question arises: is "La Nick" just trying to garner sympathy or is there actually a difference between her and "her" behaviour?

One thing is certain: she was right in her assessment. Yotta's victory does not seem to be worth much. Not only has he lost enormous sympathy, but he was not even invited to the reunion of all the participants. The broadcaster has distanced itself from him - due to his scandalous video, which among other things deals with anal sex with women. Whether he can still enjoy his victory is questionable.

Not so with Desirée Nick: she is happy - according to her own statement - about new advertising contracts. Carina Spack, a "Bachelor" participant, obviously could not really profit from her participation either. Since she also took part in the bullying against Claudia, she also lost cooperations.

The result: just about every participant is talked about - in a positive or negative way. And who knows? Maybe we will see one or the other of them again in a new trash TV format?

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