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Commitment against homophobia: the Pride Award goes to the Cologne Sharks and 1. FC Köln

The Cologne Sharks and 1. FC Köln receive the Pride Award

Who participates in Diversity, the CSD and the LGBTQ When people think of movement, they often think of the city of Cologne sooner or later. Among other things, the 1st FC Cologne has always been a strong advocate of diversity on the pitch and in the spectator area. These values come is also reflected in the association's charter. There it states, among other things: "... No matter where you come from, what you believe, what you have or are, how you live and whom you love. ..."

Together with the Cologne sharks the association organised a "Diversity Day". This took place within the framework of the games against the Grizzlies Wolfsburg and Hertha BSC held.

Under the motto "LIVE AS YOU ARE!"The participants are committed to a colourful society. But there is more to it than that for those responsible. After all, such a statement is an impressive way to underline how important tolerance, acceptance and diversity are in our society today.

At the climax of the Cologne Pride Weeks: the presentation of the Pride Award

The awarding of the Pride Price took place within the framework of the ColognePride- weeks on 11.10.2020 in the Lanxess Arena took place in Cologne. Previously, under the motto "For human rights- Many. Together. Strong!"Since 26.09.2020, the festival has been celebrating with colourful music, comedy and performances of all kinds.

Thus the 1st FC Cologne and the Cologne sharks, among others, for their "Diversity Day"was rewarded in a special way. The corresponding special prize was awarded "for special services to society in reducing homophobia and promoting diversity".

Gayromeo takes old platform off the net

Due to Corona, the managing directors of the associations took Alexander Wehrle (1. FC Köln) and Philipp Walter (Cologne Sharks) accepted the prize on behalf of the entire team. The low number of participants at the event, which resulted from the effects of the pandemic, could not dampen the mood on site or the important commitment of the two teams from the Football- and Ice hockey world tarnish. On the contrary! Visibly proud and satisfied Wehrle and Walter the Pride Prize against.

Commitment to the future: proceeds help gay and lesbian community

Even though the Diversity Days the Cologne sharks and of the 1st FC Cologne was an important statement, the prize was not awarded on that basis alone.

The fact that these special days were not just a marketing move was underlined, among other things, by the fact that both club logos were newly developed and provided with rainbow elements in the context of the corresponding games. Fans who wanted to could even buy the merchandise to go with it and show their support. No matter whether FC fan scarves or Sharks PucksHere, virtually no wishes remained unfulfilled.

The proceeds of the Cologne sharks went to the youth and meeting centre "anyway", one of the most important institutions in the community. Likewise went 10% of the proceeds from the Game-Worn Jerseys Auction of the Sharks to this organisation.

In addition Banners, flags, LED walls the LANXESS Arena and the RheinEnergieStadion in the colours of the Rainbow shine. Information stands in and around the LANXESS Arena provided visitors with important details on engagement and were complemented by panel sessions on homophobia in sport.

Planet Romero is sure to have the right

The message from both teams is clear and the likelihood that the teams will continue to meet on the ice and the court respectively Advocate for more diversity and against homophobia is high.

The Cologne Sharks and 1. FC Köln receive the Pride Award



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