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Ricky Martin supports the construction of a memorial commemorating the massacre in Florida

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

The massacre in Florida that stunned the world on 12 June 2016 is still remembered today, which is why Ricky Martin is now speaking out.

Because a total of 49 people lost their lives that evening... And all because their sexual orientation deviated from the so often quoted "norm".

Now a memorial is to be built to commemorate the bloody deed and the victims.

The onePULSEFoundation appointed singer and actor Ricky Martin as the new face of the foundation.

The massacre in Florida - what happened?

An assassin who claimed allegiance to IS stormed the Pulse nightclub on the night of 12 June 2016 and took several hostages before killing nearly 50 people.

The motive for the crime was the sexual orientation of the nightclub's visitors. Queer people did not fit into the perpetrator's world view. And that is exactly why 49 people were mourned that evening. Some died on the spot, others succumbed to their injuries in the surrounding hospitals.

Today, the Pulse massacre is still considered the most serious attack in America after 9/11. The assassin Omar Mateen was shot dead on the spot by a police officer.

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

An assassination shocks the world

Not only the American population was shocked. Almost the whole world showed solidarity and paid their last respects to the victims - at least in spirit.

In the USA, flags were flown at half-mast. Famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Place in Brussels, also shone in rainbow colours.

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Thousands gathered for funeral services.

In addition, 49 bell tolls each year in Florida commemorate the terrible event of 12 June 2016. However, behind the bells is not only the remembrance of the victims, but also the statement that people stick together.

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

Ricky Martin becomes the face of the onePULSEFoundation

After Ricky Martin had previously suffered greatly from his Gay-Today, he is all the more proud to be able to actively support the community. Now he has become the new face of the onePULSEFoundation - on a voluntary basis.

In this position, Ricky Martin is to use his notoriety to make people aware of the issue of LGBTQ to raise awareness and educate. His commitment will be visible through social media posts, video messages and other statements.

In addition, various educational programmes are being developed to better educate society.

Interestingly, over a long period of time, the singer had difficulty accepting his own sexual orientation. Secure in the knowledge that he could not confide in anyone, his anger went so far that he took to discriminating against homosexuals himself.

Now he would like to Scene support as best we can so that no one has to feel the way they did back then.

Campaign for "Pulse" Memorial
"OUTLOVE HATE" - Campaign

To coincide with Valentine's Day, the foundation organised a global fundraising campaign. The minimum donation was 49 dollars per person (one dollar for each victim). Larger donations were of course gratefully accepted. The onePULSEFoundation hopes to raise a total of 49 million US dollars.

The money will be used to build a memorial and museum in honour of the Florida victims.

In addition, the aim is to raise awareness about the queer community. Especially exciting: the donors will also be a part of the monument! Anyone who sends a selfie will be immortalised here.

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