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Katy Bähm is on "Celebrities under Palms

Celebrities under palm trees - These stars will be there in 2021!

Fans of the usual trash TV formats can breathe a little easier. Because: even in summer (or autumn?) 2021 they probably won't have to do without a healthy dose of catfighting. "Promis unter Palmen" is going into the second round on Sat.1. According to official information, filming has now started in Thailand.

And: if you take a look at the field of participants, you will once again see that "Diversity" is also increasingly represented in the trash sector.

From now on, no more speculation. The official list of those competing for victory has been published. For them, it is not only about "fame and honour" and airtime, but also about the handsome sum of 100,000 euros!

Who will take part in "Celebrities under Palms" in 2021?

TV viewers, who, among other things, are interested in the "Summer House of the Stars", "The Bachelor"and Co. will also be delighted by a look at the "Celebrities under Palms" stars.

So this year's season is not only:

  • Melanie Müller
  • Calvin Kleinen
  • Willi Herren
  • Henrik Stoltenberg
  • Chris Töpperwien
  • Elena Miras
  • Marcus Prince of Anhalt
  • Giulia Siegel
  • Kate Merlan (according to various rumours she is standing in for Georgina Fleur)
  • Emmy Russ
  • Patricia Blanco,

but also Katy Bähm with them. Who not only "Queen of Drags" (with Heidi Klum, Conchita Wurst aka Tom Neuwirth and Bill Kaulitz, among others) and also saw their actions on "Celebrity Big Brother"knows that the rest of the participants will certainly not be waiting for "peace, joy and happiness".

The "Celebs Under Palms" Reunion Ends in Strife

The audience should be pleased. After all, Katy's entertainment level is usually high anyway. The general concept on which the show is based should also play its part in ensuring that there is no shortage of dynamite.

Celebrities under palm trees - These stars will be there in 2021!

What is special about "Celebrities under palm trees"?

There has already been a lot of coverage of "Celebrities under Palms" during the first season - but not all of it positive.

Above all, the dispute between Désirée Nick and Claudia Obert, which later also involved Carina Spack among others, was used more and more to draw attention to the dangers of bullying. At one point, many viewers even demanded that the programme be stopped because Claudia had to deal with increasingly harsh hate attacks. Even in the context of a debate, which is now common for many reality formats, the fronts remained hardened.

It remains to be seen whether - based on the experiences of the first season - the concept will be retained or not. It will also be exciting to see what role Katy Bähm will play in the group. After all, she had to learn, especially after "PBB", that not every argument in front of the camera goes down well.

Celebrities under palm trees - These stars will be there in 2021! Katy Bähm

Who is Katy Bähm?

Kathy Bähm has developed into a real realty starlet over the years. She is known by viewers for wearing her heart on her sleeve, but also for talking openly about her life as a Drag Queen and their past.

Anyone who fancies a particularly emotional insight into the Drag Scene and behind the emotional scenes (including - possibly - a fight or two) is certainly in good hands with dear Katy.

GNTM - a "somewhat different" final in times of Corona

How successful she will be in the various games remains to be seen. Who will advance in "Celebrities under Palm Trees" depends, among other things, on the favour of the other contestants. And who knows? Maybe this time everything will be a little more peaceful? But maybe not...


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