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Coming Outs 2020 - New Year, New Happiness 🍀

Even though accepting homosexuality should be an absolute standard in today's world, for many people affected by homosexuality, it is not an easy thing to do. Coming Out For people who are struggling, it is often a particular challenge to stand by their feelings.

Questions like "How will my family react to my coming out?" and "What will change for me?" can become quite stressful here.

The good news: in many cases, the worries turn out to be absolutely unfounded. And: the reaction of others to your own coming out can help you distinguish friends from acquaintances. What's more, it's extremely relieving to finally be able to admit your feelings.

With the following tips, coming out in 2020 should be even easier (and less stressful).

Tip number 1: close coordination with the partner

Gay menThose who are in a committed relationship during their coming out should definitely discuss this step with their partner. After all, the partner automatically comes out as well. Egoistic solo efforts can quickly lead to a rift within the relationship. If, on the other hand, you talk to each other, share the same opinion and show it to the outside world, you can support each other during the exciting phase of coming out.

Tip number 2: inaugurate a smaller circle first

If you want to come out, you should first do so on a smaller scale. This is a comparatively quick way to find out how the larger environment is likely to react. A dinner with parents or siblings is a great way to get the personal coming-out wave rolling. The advantage: the positive reaction of a small circle can be extremely encouraging.

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Tip number 3: Practise self-confidence

Admittedly, the likelihood that the environment will try to change the affected person's mind during an emotional coming out is low. Nevertheless, it could be that parents in particular are of the opinion that this is "just a phase".

This headwind should of course be prevented. This works best with a healthy self-confidence. Or in other words: if you appear strong and determined, you offer doubters and critics almost no surface for attack. That's why it's so important to be clear about your own feelings in the first step, so that you can represent them to the outside world. If you want, you can of course practise in front of the mirror!

Tip number 4: do not argue and give others enough time

If you notice that those around you are shocked by your coming out, you should never get into endless discussions. Instead, it is important to accept that other people have the right to have a different opinion.

Maybe they just need a little time to come to terms with the new situation? Of course, gays should also give their loved ones this time.

Tip number 5: the written coming out

If you are completely unable to come to terms with the idea of saying "Yes, I am gay!" in the eyes, can of course also choose the written variant of coming out. A letter offers the advantage of being able to write down all arguments and emotions for days at a time.
No aspect, no feeling is forgotten. "By the way", such a document can also be a great reminder of one of the most exciting phases in the life of a gay man.

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