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Sexier than ever - diary writing comes back into fashion

More and more people are writing diaries again

The deepest fears, dark secrets, the first crush and the quarrel with the mother... What sounds like the plot of a docu-soap is actually emblematic of a very special book: the diary.

No place in this world knows a person as well as this "accessory". In addition to processing various problems, the focus here is often on everyday events.

In short: there are countless reasons to start writing a diary. And who knows? Perhaps an initial, casual "scribble" will eventually become one's own autobiography?

But what possibilities are actually offered in connection with a diary? What should be considered? And is there perhaps a traditional-modern way to pursue this hobby?

Psychology - The diary as "Therapist"

The fears and worries that torment a person during the day can retreat to a new place through writing. The deepest thoughts and feelings find a place on the respective pages. Among other things, fears can often be processed in this way.

Various studies show that people who keep a diary are less likely to become mentally ill. Participants in a study who wrote regularly, on the other hand, quickly noticed how liberating it can be to review the experiences of the day in this way.

This quickly explains why many people see the diary as a personal therapist. Of course, even the thickest book can never replace a professional psychotherapist. And yet it can help to lift a large part of the daily burden from one's shoulders.

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More and more people are writing diaries again

Creativity meets nostalgia - a haven of fantasy and memories

The next big advantage of diary writing is that there are no limits to the imagination. Such a book does not even have to be in classical form.

The PC offers many programmes that also make writing possible on a digital level. An audio or video diary are also great modern alternatives. It's all down to personal taste. Depending on the medium, photos, stickers, pictures and much more provide a particularly individual touch.

Learning effect - The diary as a support for better writing

The classic version of the diary has a decisive advantage: with its help, grammar or spelling can be trained.

The fact is: those who write a lot usually inevitably become more familiar with the written language and practise a very special hobby that can sometimes even become a profession.

The diary as a teammate and "partner in crime

Experience shows: shortly before the end of the year, the first new resolutions are already haunting our minds.

A diary can be a personal motivator for this very special time of the year. Whether it's dieting, a sports programme or quitting smoking, keeping a diary of how you're doing and how motivated you are to stick to your resolutions can help.

The written words show progress on the one hand and provide additional motivation on the other. Sometimes writing also serves as a distraction when the next cigarette seems all too tempting.

Problem reflection in the diary

The last argument with the mother or the conflict with the boss can be immensely stressful... Especially when the brain again imagines a thousand variants of what the "worst case" could be next.

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Through writing, it is often possible to reflect even better on what has happened. It is particularly helpful here if the conflict is described from an observer's perspective. In many cases, this can bring a little more order into the chaos of emotions.


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