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Gay contacts in Bremen: These are the top addresses in the city state for meeting gays

Bremen is one of the three city states of Germany and is thus, as a municipality, the federal state of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and its capital. The state of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen also includes Bremerhaven, 53 kilometres to the north. The city-state therefore has a population of just under 683,000. The city of Bremen itself, with a population of around 570,000 on an area of around 325 km2 the eleventh largest city in Germany. Situated in the metropolitan region of the Northwest with around 2.7 million inhabitants, Bremen is one of a total of eleven European metropolitan regions in Germany. 

The overseas port of Bremerhaven is particularly important for the region's economy. Here, numerous goods are traded from near and far, from fish and meat products to cotton, tea, rice and tobacco, as well as wine and citrus fruits.

Bremen is also known as an important location for the automotive, shipbuilding, steel, electronics and food industries. The city's largest private employer is Daimler AG with its Mercedes-Benz plant in the Sebaldsbrück district of Bremen. Numerous supplier companies have also settled here. 

Also formative for the international reputation of the city of Bremen is its aerospace technology. This makes the city-state of Bremen an important service and high-tech location with one of Germany's largest technology parks.

The Hanseatic City of Bremen is therefore not only a particularly economically strong, but also tolerant and open city state. Bremen and the entire region is therefore particularly popular with gays, lesbians, Bisexualtranssexuals and everything in between. 


Gay dating in Bremen

Why is Bremen so exciting for gays?

The history of gays in Bremen, like that in other major cities in Germany, looks back on decades of discrimination and persecution. A well-known example of this discrimination is the Bremen theatre director Friedrich Carl Feldtmann, who was convicted in court for his homosexuality in the 19th century. Therefore, in order to escape punishment, gays often met in secret flats. In 1910, for example, a scandal broke out in the Philosophenweg in Bremen. In a flat rented especially for the meeting of gay men, a professor's son was seduced. Such scandalous news was common at the time. High-ranking persons and police officers were also said to have been involved, which was a scandalous situation for the time.

Especially during the Nazi era, the situation for gays became even worse. Starting from the Gestapo headquarters in Bremen, persecution of the city's gays began. The population as well as the press were also involved at the time and were encouraged to expose and denounce homosexuals. Thus, 5,000 to 10,000 homosexuals were killed during the Nazi era.

Even though the end of the war meant an improvement in the situation for gays in Bremen, Paragraph 175 remained in force until 1966. This continued to make homosexuality a punishable offence. Popular and vacant meeting places were therefore pubs or the flaps, in order not to be recognised in public. 

Today, Bremen is considered a pioneer of equal rights for gays. In 1979, the first Christopher Street Day in Germany took place in Bremen - at that time still under the name "Gay Carnival". The city-state takes on a true role model function when it comes to equal rights. Equality gay-lesbian partnerships, the protection of registered partnerships and the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation were included in the state constitution of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Special support for gays and lesbians in Bremen today is offered by the association "Rat und Tat - Zentrum für queeres Leben". The non-profit association, which has existed since 1982, represents the interests of queer people and offers them and their friends a meeting place. In addition, the volunteers advise gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals as a point of contact for questions about sexual orientation or HIV and AIDS.

But how can you meet gay men in Bremen? Our Gay chat helps you to meet numerous gays in your city or surroundings! If you're looking for a location for a date or for horny cruising areas, our gay hotspots will help you! Here you can give free rein to your urges and search for gay boys in the city. 


Gay bars in Bremen

Bremen's oldest gay bar: The Queens

Address: Außer der Schleifmühle No. 10 in the Ostertor district of the city

Queens is Bremen's oldest gay bar and has been delighting gay and bisexual men and their friends for over 18 years. Centrally located, Queens is just a few minutes' walk from Bremen's main train station. The rustic and cosy interior of the bar invites a large circle of young and also older guests. From 8 pm until the early hours of the morning, there is always something going on. Various DJs put the international crowd in a party atmosphere and offers an optimal basis for getting to know, meeting and falling in love with gay men in Bremen. 

Dive backstage into Tom's World a

Address: Außer der Schleifmühle No. 10 in the Ostertor district of the city

Located in the backstage area of the Queens, Tom's Welt is a unique location that is definitely worth a visit. Parties in 70s style await you here. You can party, dance and have fun on two levels. In addition to comfortable seating that invites you to linger, a large bar and a dance floor await you. You can really go wild here with club and house music. 

After a cosy meeting or getting to know each other in Queens, the party area of Tom's Welt is the place to be. If you want to explore Bremen's gay nightlife, this hot address is not to be missed.

Special Events in the Zone 283

Address: Kornstraße No. 283 in the Neustadt district

Located south of the Weser, but also very easy to reach by train from the city centre, is Zone 283. The fetish club offers various events and is therefore the right address for everyone. Even though it is not a pure gay club, everyone is welcome here. Depending on the event, special attention is paid to the Dress code value is placed on it. As a result, the club never loses its authenticity and specialness. Throughout the year, numerous events take place in the club according to a calendar of events. In addition, the club invites you to the Feierabend Cruising twice a month, except in the summer months. From 7 p.m., not only a cool after-work beer is ready for you.

Perfect for getting to know each other: Treff-Bar Rendezvous

Address: Elisabethstraße No. 34 in the Westend district

Only a few minutes by train from the main station, the Treff-Bar is located Rendezvous in Bremen's Westend district. Although the pub is not strictly a gay bar, the cosy atmosphere attracts many gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. The pub has been welcoming gays from near and far since 1985 and offers a place to meet and celebrate. Here, a quiet and nice evening with conversations, but also dancing to current and older music is possible. The perfect place for getting to know each other. 

With regular events such as travesty shows, karaoke evenings or performances by special artists, the Rendezvous convinces with excellent entertainment. If you are looking for gay men in Bremen, you will quickly find a connection here.

Rustic flair in the Bronx

Address: Bohnenstraße No. 1b in the Ostertor district

The Bronx is a meeting place for all age groups of the gay community in Bremen, and new guests are also welcome to join the community. Whether for getting to know each other or as a meeting place for a first date - The Bronx offers you the perfect conditions to entertain yourself and get to know each other better with discreet music and international short films. Even though it is a gay bar, everyone is welcome in the cosy bar with construction site decor. No matter whether bi, gay, Straight or transgender, the smokers' pub is a meeting place for everyone. 


The private club Pleasure Park is adjacent to the Bronx. You can get your free membership at the bar of the Bronx and then you're ready to go. In Pleasure Park, gay men have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in a safe atmosphere. Contacts previously made in the Bronx are deepened and experienced here for your pleasure. The private club with Darkroom, Sling and cabins has just the right satisfaction for you. Experience it for yourself and don't miss a visit to the Bronx and Pleasure Park. 

Gay events in the Hanseatic City of Bremen

In addition to the bars that are open all year round, Bremen's nightlife offers you numerous recurring and also unique gay events. These theme parties or events are perfect for partying, dancing and having fun. You can meet lots of gay people here! Of course, the events are also a great place to meet if you've met someone in our gay chat and want to explore them more on a special date.

Every third Saturday of the month, for example, the GayCANDY party takes place. Bremen's most popular party attracts gays, lesbians, bisexuals and everyone in between. With cool DJs and hot gay boys, you're sure to get into the party mood. The GayCANDY party takes place at 2Raumclub, one of the hottest and most frequented locations in Bremen and the surrounding area. Located on the Rembertiring on the edge of Bremen's city centre and better known as the "party mile of Bremen", there are also several clubs open to you outside of the special events. Especially on weekends, there is a real party atmosphere here with a mixed crowd of gays, straights and many more.  

An event of extravagance is offered by the Bremen organiser "La Rebelion". The events, such as the masked ball, are often sold out months in advance and attract a mixed audience from near and far. In an atmosphere of eroticism and elegance, you too can escape your everyday life and make new acquaintances at the various events. The events, classified as scandalous parties, tempt you to Flirt, to sex appeal and escapades.

In addition to one-off and annual events, regular travesty shows know how to entertain their visitors. Excursions to the surrounding cities Oldenburg or Hamburg offer you a wide range of further opportunities to meet gay contacts with a short journey. Therefore, also expand your search for gay men in our Gay chat out. We help you meet gay people and find the right meeting place with our gay hotspots.

The hottest meeting places: Gay saunas in Bremen

If you are looking for a hot gay meeting place, then Bremen's gay saunas are just right for you! Whether in company or alone, you'll quickly meet new people in the saunas. It's not just the temperatures in the saunas that will make you sweat. Just try out the gay saunas in Bremen, because they have a lot to offer! 

Bremen's hottest address: City Club Sauna

Address: Humboldtstraße No. 144 in the district of Östliche Vorstadt

The City Club Sauna is the place to go for all erotically open-minded people in Bremen. Therefore, it is not only a meeting place for gays, but also open to lesbians and straights. Tolerance is particularly important here, according to the motto "everything can - nothing must". Feeling good is the top priority at the City Club Sauna Bremen. You can let your senses run free here: seeing, showing, feeling and sensing are no problem here. Special events such as the darkroom evening offer additional entertainment and the opportunity to meet and enjoy gay men. So if you are looking for pleasure and fun, you should definitely pay a visit to the City Club Sauna.

Sauna Perseus - The biggest gay sauna in Bremen!

Address: Waller Heerstrasse no. 126 in the Walle district

Located almost directly at Walle station, the Perseus gay club sauna is particularly easy to reach and therefore a meeting place for the gays of Bremen and the surrounding area. Enjoying the sauna together with other men is particularly easy. On an area of 600 m², the gay sauna offers you a variety of themed landscapes. In suitable company, you can escape from your everyday life and feel completely at ease. In addition to the sauna and steam bath, cruising areas, video rooms and single and double cabins offer further opportunities for relaxation.

Everyone gets their money's worth at different events. On the first Saturday of every month, for example, there is a Fetish-Night with a mixed audience. It will certainly not only be hot because of the sauna temperatures. In varnish, Leather, Rubber and many more, gay, bi, straight or couples are represented and make the evening an unforgettable event.

Discover this and the many other events at the daily open gay club sauna Perseus in Bremen and really work up a sweat!

He is looking for him: Cruising in Bremen

The best way to make fast acquaintances in Bremen is cruising through the city. To help you get to know gay men, we have recorded the best gay hotspots for cruising and quick sex.

Bremen's No.1 cruising place: Unisee

The TOP Address for Gay Cruising in Bremen is the Unisee. Hot action is guaranteed here. Sweet boys are waiting for you in the reeds of the Unisee. Sex in the wilderness of the university has never been more exciting! Especially in the evening, there's a lot going on near the shore. During the day it goes from the NUDIST-From the car park, you can go into the forest, where you can be hidden and safe. But the nudist beach is also worth a visit. Perfect for sunbathing, there is plenty to see here. Retreats can certainly be found in the adjacent forest.

Gay cruising in the bushes: Bremen Civic Park

Are you looking for an adventure in the great outdoors? Then Bürgerpark Bremen is the right place for you! Here you will find gay boys especially in the evening hours and until late at night. The spot is well known in Bremen's gay community and well visited by all age groups. Here you are sure to get your money's worth and find one or more partners with whom you can have fun.

Cruising on Krummhörens Kuhlen car park on the A1 

The car park and the adjacent lake are popular meeting places for the Bremen gay community. The drive to the rest area is especially worthwhile in the evening, when you can retreat to the small wood and have a horny time there. But the adjacent lake is also particularly popular for getting to know and watching. Here, especially in the warmer months, some gay boys of different ages cavort.

Hot gay boys on Mahndorfer Marsch car park 

Located at the Mahndorfer Marsch motorway car park directly on the A1 and particularly easy to reach, the car park is a vacant meeting place. The car park is therefore not only visited by gays from Bremen, but also by many people passing through. The ever-changing crowd makes it especially exciting, so that you too can meet lusty gays to your taste.

In the evening, there's a lot going on here, especially in the bushes near the adjacent lake. Directly at the car park, horny men are waiting for you who like to disappear into the forest for more action. 

Gay cinemas - entertainment in Bremen

Gay cinemas, often in connection with erotic shops, offer you sexy entertainment in Bremen. We have selected the best gay cinemas for you here. Getting to know hot gay boys in the numerous indoor cruising areas of the cinemas is therefore very easy. Have fun in the cinema halls or retreat to partner cabins, but don't miss out on this experience. 

Horny experiences in the SexCinema Movies Eventhouse

Address: An der Weide No. 25 in the Bremen Mitte district

Pornokino is a cruising club, cinema and sex shop for gay and bi boys. Equipped with booths, sling, glory holes and a wide selection of horny movies, the cinema offers you fun on four levels. If you want to retire, there are a number of individual booths for your private pleasure.

Difficulties making contacts are out of the question here. With gay boys of all ages, you too will get your money's worth. come. Discover the wide selection of gay, bi and straight films together or indulge each other in the fetish lounges.

Sex shop with cinema: Men's Seven

Address: Am Dobben no. 7 in the Ostertor district

Located very close to Bremen's main train station, Men's Seven is particularly easy to reach. In the sex shop you'll find everything that will give you and your partner pleasure. You can cruise the cinema area on two floors. Here, twelve spacious booths are available for your private retreat. There are six programmes to choose from. Sling and glory holes offer you plenty of opportunities for pleasure. In the cinema room, you can watch films together while the action heats up.

Best entertainment in the M & S Erotic Shop

Address: Contrescarpe No. 76 in the Bremen Mitte district

Located in the middle of Bremen and close to the beautiful Weser promenade, a sex shop for mixed audiences awaits you with a large gay and fetish area. Spread over several floors, interpersonal and physical contacts are not neglected. In addition to the cinema area, several cabins are available for you and your partner or partners. In cabins with glory holes and sling, every man gets his money's worth. In the shop you can find the right love toys for you and use them directly. 

Christopher Street Day in Bremen

Christopher Street Day in the Hanseatic city is organised by Christopher Street Day (CSD) Bremen e. V. and is a real highlight in the gay community in summer. In addition to the organisers, numerous organisations and associations have decided to support queer life in Bremen and to offer lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders a platform for exchange and tolerance. The Christopher Street Days parade is formed by many individual participants, but also by groups, and is led through the city centre in a highly visible manner.

As a demonstration, the CSD Parade offers the gay community of Bremen an opportunity to express their opinions, wishes and criticism of the current situation of homosexuals. The desire for more tolerance and acceptance is still a big factor in the rainbow community.

Even though Bremen is in principle a very tolerant city, Christopher Street Day in Bremen has a rather bumpy past. As in other big cities all over the world, the demonstrations with reference to Christopher Street in New York also started in Bremen in the late 1970s. Quickly the Pride Parade became an annual tradition until it came to a quick end in 1994. Due to the lack of a local gay community network, a revival of Christopher Street Day in Bremen was not possible until 2017.

In the same year as the vote of the German Bundestag on same-sex marriage, a demo parade then took place again in 2017 for Christopher Street Day. This was made possible by a variety of marketing measures and many volunteers. Since then, the CSD in Bremen has taken place annually with a parade through the city centre of Bremen. Afterwards, people gather at the rallies with stage programmes from politics, culture and information.

Events like Christopher Street Day are especially important for the gay community. They give gays, lesbians, trans and bisexuals a platform where they can exchange views and fight for more acceptance in society free from discrimination. Because even though equality should be largely developed nowadays, there are still gays in Bremen who do not dare to openly express their homosexuality for fear of discrimination. Be a part of the Christopher Street Day in Bremen and support the local gay community.