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A sling is a swing that can be used - by both gays and straights - for sex.

The classic sling is one of the comparatively large sex devices. It is a swing that is fixed to the ceiling by a total of four chains. Due to its somewhat generous dimensions, the sling can usually be found in relevant sex clubs.

The principle: one partner (the passive part) lies down on the seat of the swing while the other penetrates him from behind. However, depending on mobility, other variations are of course conceivable.

Accordingly, the sling is a comparatively simple but also a very erotic device that does not have to be used exclusively alone. Rather, the 360° models invite in a certain way to also attract fans of voyeurism.

Of course, it is possible to hang your own personal sling in your bedroom or playroom at home. In this case, attention should be paid to the permissible maximum weight, among other things. In addition, owners should be aware that this is a real eye-catcher that outsiders can usually identify directly. Interested parties looking for a suitable model will usually find what they are looking for in a sex shop. In the meantime, many manufacturers have included smaller, more manageable slings for home use in their range. Many designs can be easily put up and taken down in the door frame.

Of course, the sling can also be combined with other sex toys. Among other things, it is possible to be tied up on the device. There are almost no limits to your imagination - provided you are flexible and have good balance.