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"Rubber" is colloquial and means condom. However, the term is also used in connection with a particular fetish.

Whoever talks about a rubber in connection with sex usually means a Condom. At the latest since the numerous awareness campaigns that have been launched with the aim of combating HIV and AIDS. Aids people know how important it is to rely on rubbers for sex.

It is not for nothing that sex with a rubber is also called "Safer Sex". With the help of rubbers, however, it is also possible to defend against many more STDs protect. Of course, this only applies if the rubber has not been damaged and is also used correctly.

Nowadays, rubbers are produced in many variations and by numerous manufacturers. Condoms are available in different sizes, colours and flavours. If you want to make sex even more fun, you can also opt for rubbers with nubs and similar "extras".

Rubber also plays an important role in the Fetish-Scene play an important role. Latex clothing, for example, is also referred to as "rubber". The relevant accessories are mainly used by BDSM worn by lovers.

Anyone looking for a rubber - whether as a condom or as a piece of clothing - will usually find what they are looking for in a well-stocked sex shop. One thing is certain: condoms can make sex safer, rubber garments more adventurous. Both have (fortunately) become must-haves for many gays over time.