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Safer sex means - directly translated - "safe sex". Sex is safe when infections are prevented from being transmitted.

Since the 1980s at the latest, safer sex - not only for the gays - has played an important role. Scene - play an important role. The aim of "safe sex" is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, above all Aidsshould be prevented.

Accordingly, it is self-explanatory why the use of condoms plays a particularly important role with regard to safer sex. Safe However, it also means helping your partner, for example, with Blowjob not to inject it into the mouth. After all, otherwise there would also be the possibility of diseases spreading through the mucous membranes and body fluids.

Unfortunately, however, there is no such thing as 100% safe sex. For example, many gays have already found out in the past that condoms can tear. In this case, it is sometimes advisable to find out about the so-called "anti-Aids pill". This pill (similar to the morning-after pill) must be taken after sex in order to render any transmitted HIV virus harmless. However, taking the medication after sex is definitely not part of safer sex and must always be discussed with a doctor.

For many gays (and straights) who change their partners regularly, safe sex is standard in today's world. The fear of Aids and co. often ensures that, to be on the safe side, there is always at least one partner. Condom in the pocket. Many campaigns focus on the importance of safer sex. This important topic is also addressed in sex education lessons in schools.