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Safe is the English term for "secure". The word is often used in conjunction with other terms, for example in "safer sex".

The English word safe means "secure". It is often used in everyday small talk and colloquially to express that a certain thing is not dangerous. One of the best-known associations in this context is the constellation of "safer" and "sex". Safer sex means that condoms are used during sexual intercourse. Safe here means that the risk of contracting infectious diseases, such as for example AidsThe risk of infection is low.

Nowadays - also thanks to a number of awareness-raising campaigns - the Safer Sex a far greater role than in the past. Many gays know how dangerous it can be to only focus on one's own sex during one-night stands or when cruising. Tail and not listen to reason. Therefore, for them, the obligatory Rubber in the pocket of your trousers.

Over time, safe sex has become a kind of lifestyle. Condoms are distributed at CSDs, education starts comparatively early in school. Many campaigns are supported by the German AIDS Foundation. With the help of media, events and the like, attention is to be drawn to the fact that AIDS is a serious but preventable disease. Safe sex is an important step towards a responsible life - optionally with a lot of sexual variety.

However, "safe" has also managed to find its way into the German language in other respects. For example, anyone who wants to express that a date or a fact is fixed can also answer with a "safe".