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A date is a romantic date.

Nowadays, anyone who wants to get to know another person better with the aim of a relationship or a sexual adventure often arranges a date. This is a date that can take place in a variety of places, but often in a restaurant.

The goal: intimate glances, getting to know each other (often for the first time) and perhaps even the start of a relationship or affair.

Everyone certainly has individual ideas when it comes to describing the "perfect date". While some are into the classic variant, said restaurant visit, others may be into a little more action.

One thing is certain: a date doesn't have to be old-fashioned or stuffy. With the right tricks, it is possible to turn every date into a real highlight. But what actually makes a convincing date?

Candlelight? Profound conversations? It is often the mix of everything that makes a date an unforgettable evening. However, if you want to inspire your partner in any case, you should - despite all individuality - stick to certain basic rules. The following applies here: It can have an incredibly sexy effect on the other person if the conversation partner not only talks but also listens.

Opinions often differ on who should pay on the first date or the first rendezvous. A little trick: if you feel like seeing the other person again, you pay. If the other person thanks you, you can say "No problem! You can pay next time!", coupled with a grin, can lead to the next date being arranged a few moments later.