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A dress code is a specific form of dress code that must be observed at events, for example.

Dress code

A dress code is intended to ensure that visitors to events dress in a certain style. In this way, the host can have a decisive influence on the ambience of his party or the event in question. To ensure that everyone is actually informed about the corresponding requirements, it is of course important to communicate them sufficiently in advance. It is always worth studying the invitation to the event - regardless of the occasion - to be on the safe side.

Dress codes come in casinos and in the context of galas, but also often used at gay parties. Among other things, it can be the case with the latter example that the guests are only allowed to dress in varnish and Leather is granted access. This gives you the chance to combine the prevailing dress code with a theme party.

Depending on the occasion of the gay party and whether sex is also on the agenda, the dress code can be more or less permissive. Strict hosts can even go so far as to refuse admission to visitors who do not follow the dress code. After all, otherwise there is a great danger that the entire atmosphere will suffer from those who do not adapt to the concept in terms of dress. Especially at sex parties, many guests feel that they are being watched by people in "normal clothes".

However, it is also clear that dress codes are by no means a purely gay phenomenon. Dress codes can also be prescribed for weddings and birthdays.