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Those who are bisexual are into men and women


Bisexual people love men and women. In the past, bisexuality was often only described as a "phase". Those who were enthusiastic about both sexes were - also according to the "experts" of the time - often still in the discovery phase.

Today we know: bisexuality is again a confusion, nor a disease. Bisexual people love variety and are definitely also capable of having long and healthy relationships.

Unfortunately, bisexuality is still fraught with many prejudices in this day and age. For example, many bi's are considered unfaithful, although this is of course a classic prejudice. However, it can also be difficult for a jealous person to be with a partner who loves both men and women. After all, the risk of him or her cheating is apparently twice as high.

The term "fidelity" within a relationship is often interpreted differently here. Bisexual men who are in a relationship with a man sometimes do not perceive it as cheating to sleep with a woman because she gives him something that his own partner cannot. However, aspects like these are nuances that need to be clarified in every relationship.

Some people discover their bisexuality comparatively late, for example after they have been with a partner for a long time. Here they often experience their famous "second spring", in which they also rediscover sexuality. Reverse developments are also possible. At some point in their lives, some bisexual people decide on a gender after all and become either gay, lesbian or straight.